Best 4GB RAM for MacBook

Where do you buy the best 4GB RAM for MacBook?

Cheap MacBook RAM

That’s a very good question but it comes down to what you think best means. You might be looking for the lowest price on 4GB for MacBook or you might want to buy ram for MacBook that can get to you the fastest as possible with overnight delivery and free shipping too if you can swing it. I have found to get free shipping on ram you have to spend $100 as a minimum  and unless you buy two 4GB ram for MacBook or more you may not qualify for frees shipping when buying ram.

But then there’s another question:  what MacBook? And you  can’t specify just ‘white MacBook’ or even ‘black MacBook’ as even with those two choices, it does specify things a bit and your MacBook ram choices are narrowed down but that’s still not enough really. One way to figure out what type of ram you need is to go to the top left corner of your MacBook pro and select ‘about this mac’ where you’ll see that the info provided will provide you with the speed of your computer  memory which might be helpful.

For a long time the MacBooks  couldn’t take  or accept 4GB  RAM as they maxed out at 2gb of RAM with 2x1GB PC5300 DDR so-dimms for MacBook being the only and biggest ram memory upgrades you could get. Then over the years memory for MacBooks got cheaper and it was found that some of the MacBooks would acceptt 3GB of MacBook RAM with  a 1GB ram chip in one slot  and  a 2GB memory chip in the other.

And for a while that was the biggest MacBook memory you could get.  But time marches on and  Apple released newer MacBooks that shipped standard from the factory with 2GB of MacBook RAM but you could pull the 2x1gB MacBook memory and make keychains out of it or sell the ram on craigslist to offset the costs you could then take your  new found wealth and buy 2x2GB of RAM which  made your MacBook run faster and would help you get to the the best 4GB of RAM for MacBook.

Fast forward to today, and there’s been a few speed bumps and some cosmetic changes to the Apple MacBook but for the most part it still looks and feels the same as the older MacBook computers but these new MacBooks  due to the faster processors  all used DDR3 1066 memory and the latest and greatest MacBooks  still only accept 4GB of ram at most  and like all the others will require you to remove or replace the 2x1GB RAM chips and replace them with 2x 2GB MacBook RAM which will give you 4GB of RAM.

So now you know the history of the MacBook and how over time you could double the MacBook ram from 2gb to 4gb you still cannot put 8GB  of RAM  into a MacBook and for that you’ll need to buy a MacBook  Pro which is much more expensive than a MacBook but offers a few advantages too  – one being the 8GB memory maximum for MacBook Pro .

The best 4GB RAM for MacBook is when you buy ram from reputable memory stores that offer great prices and also a great prices on ram for MacBooks too.  Just remember to shop for RAM for MacBooks from a store that you can trust.