Best 15 inch MacBook Pro Prices

The cheapest Apple MacBook Pro you can buy today is priced with a $1799.00 MSRP but you can save $100 or more when you buy this Apple notebook from Amazon and not have to pay sales tax on your brand new 15 inch MacBook Pro too.

Best Prices for Apple MacBook ProOne of the best notebooks ever to come out of Apple computer is the Apple 15 inch MacBook Pro.

This is not the cheapest Apple MacBook you can buy today, but I find that unless you need the faster processor speed of the more advanced MacBook Pro this would do the trick for me quite nicely. The cheaper 15 inch MacBook Pro is one of the better deals when it comes to specifications too.

Available with either a 500gb or 750gb hard drive, and a 2.2 Quad Core Intel i7 processor with 4GB of RAM and a 15.4 inch LED display that’s the main attraction for this particular MacBook Pro model. With lesser MacBook Pro models you can buy them cheaper sure, but you pay with a smaller screen size. But for the road warrior, this might not be the best notebook because the 5.6lbs of weight can add up over a long business day. The advantage of this MacBook Pro model is the affordable price and the bigger screen size.

But there’s another 15 inch MacBook Pro that is a little more money but you do get a faster processor with a 2.4GHz processor and a bigger hard drive – the cheaper MacBook Pro ships with a 500GB as standard equipment, but this model ships with bigger 750GB model for those that need more storage space than the less expensive MacBook Pro offers and as you can see above this 15 inch MacBook Pro is on sale for a $200 discount, making this the better deal when you compare the 2.2 Ghz MacBook Pro vs the MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz models.