On Backups


The good thing about phones and the quality of cameras - like the one I have currently have is that it takes really great photos.

It’s also easy to lose digital photos as well and that’s what I have been trying to avoid the past few days.

I don’t trust them

Google is awesome. But, they are the only place where I have my photos stashed. Now, I am sure that with Google being Google they have redundant servers galore - but you never know.

So, with that in mind I have been spending the past few days figuring out how to keep my photos safe and sound and I think I have found the solution, and that’s to back them up to more than one server

After a few days of tinkering I have managed to get all (most) of my photos backed up to:

and locally on a server in the basement.

Overkill? No doubt - but I’ve heard and read horror stories of people who lose all their photos with a click of the mouse.

Also, this is easy to do. The trickiest part for me was to find an app that would work reliably with my phone/computer/wifi and was easiest to use, but th rest was as simple as downloading the app and signing up.

Dropbox and OneDrive cost a few dollars and so does Google Drive but for the price of a few starbucks a month I know for sure that I have a backup.

My kiddo only grows up once and I don’t want to lose all my photos due to some hacker or server error.

This of course isn’t foolproof. I suppose all the online servers could go down or out of business and I could lose my local copies as well but I doubt it and it’s still a better system than relying on one online cloud system.

I guess I will find out in about 18 years or so whether my efforts the past few days have been worth it.