Back to Wordpress

After some time trying to find a jekyll workflow for I’ve decided to go back to using wordpress.

Simply put, it’s just easier. It was a learning process to be sure but I found I spent more time tweaking and screwing around with themes or troubleshooting different and cryptic error messages in github pages when I should actually be working.  The speed of a static jekyll site is like no other and it was kind of cool having your content hosted by google  but in the end I found wordpress works better for me as it allows me to grab a device - any device - and start writing.

The disadvantage is that hosting jekyll was free whereas this costs me a few dollars a month for GoDaddy managed hosting but I can live with it. The advantages of wordpress vs jekyll, for me anyway lean towards wordpress for the time being.

I have picked a simple theme and I’m ready to start writing more and tweaking less.