B is for Botanical

Today, we went to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens for a wander and to see how the rich people live. I mean, look at the sunroom in this place!


and BW is really, really jealous of their front garden. I thought ours was pretty good, but holy smokes will ya have a look at this. Can you imagine their tax bill? or water bill?


And once inside, boy I thought we had a lot of plants but these folks sure do have a lot, and look what they have in the middle of their living room:


A very big globe. I told BW ‘no touching, keep your hands in your pockets’ but she didn’t listen. (Sigh, wives) ?

But..we did see some very very nice flowers out and about today. Let me show you around…







As you can see, these folks must have a gardener, where here at home it’s just us to toil away at our garden we bought on eBay.  But, at least we got to go out into the world on a nice summer day and see some sights and flowers, and for Buffalo -  and all the jokes this was a really nice place to visit and we’d happily go visit here again, and will.

Enjoy your weekend!