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I have been working or blogging or webmastering or developing or whatever you want to call it for twenty years now.

It’s time for a change.

New technology from Apple or IBM or whatever the darling company is right now doesn’t thrill me like it once did. There was a time when I would devour every apple site like macsurfer and macintouch for the latest news and I would subscribe to every magazine and read them (including the ads!) cover to cover.

I also used to monitor ram prices a lot more closer than I do now and even that got old after a while. Once the MacBook Air arrived it was all over for my enthusiasm for Apple products as they were no longer upgradeable and have become essentially appliances.

Appliances. That’s what I feel tech has become. Despite the spin the marketers would like you to believe almost any old computer or phone will do. Sure, spend more money and get a better screen and keyboard and specs but now I tend to live in the browser or the command line and I can do both on my Google Pixelbook..

I have had this computer for close to a year and I have NO desire to upgrade at any point soon. Same goes for my phone. It’s last year’s phone and for the first year in a long time I have zero interest in an upgrade. The electronics I have work fine thankyouverymuch.

I sound like an old guy (i am), but I kind of miss the good old days when you never knew what would work and you would spend hours and hours troubleshooting extensions on your mac or trying to figure out when you connected your scanner your hard drive would be erased. It was frustrating as all hell and I spent many a late night trying to figure it all out.

But now my phone and computer and most other tech I have is thin enough, fast enough and well…enough.

I want to start focusing on some other interests for this site. I am not sure exactly what I want to pivot to but I have an idea – I just need a bit more time to think it through but I am pretty sure its the direction I am going to take this site.

But for now, the gear I have is just fine. It works.

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