At Least There's Pie


It’s pie night! We have 2 (now one) home made pies in the freezer for cold winter nights and even though it’s not the blizzard of ‘77 there’s snow on the ground and that’s close enough for us.

Speaking of snow…

Now is the time I think that you finally get sick of it. And you know what? We have only had a little bit of snow this year. There was a few days a week ago when I was able to wear light sneakers to work.

Not today - we got hit with about 4 inches or so. Not too bad, but the traffic today was just no fun whatsoever getting to work this morning so it’s times like these where you check the temperature of warmer climes.

It was 56 degrees in SF this morning at 6am EST. Still sweater weather, but much better than wearing all my sweaters which is what I did today.

So we wait. And Hope. Because surely spring must be around the corner.

In the meantime I will eat Pie.