Apple RAM: DDR3 1066 MHz Memory Upgrades

It’s 2011 and most, but not all Apple computers currently shipping today accept the more modern DDR 1333Mhz memory upgrades, at least when it comes to currently shipping desktop computers such as the Apple iMac or Mac Pro. But at the time of writing this the MacBook,  MacBook Pro and Mac Mini Apple computers all still use and require DDR3 1066MHz memory upgrades:

Best 8GB MacBook Pro RAM

Apple 8GB DDR3 SDRAM On Sale

MacBook Pro DDR3 1066 memory upgrades are priced by memory stores either as MacBook Pro  memory upgrade kits or MacBook Pro memory upgrade modules which are priced individually, but you will need to upgrade your MacBook Pro to the maximum 8GB (for current models) in pairs. I track and monitor memory for both as some memory  stores like to sell memory by individual module, while others prefer to offer memory on sale for Apple computers  in memory upgrade kits and sometimes even offer you a bit of a deal when compared against just buying memory individually.

MacBook notebook computers from Apple require the exact same DDR3 1066MHz sodimms as the MacBook Pro’s but in the case of the MacBooks, you are limited to a maximum of 4GB of RAM when you need to upgrade MacBook memory to the maximum memory to get the most performance out of your Apple computer. And as the MacBook Pro models I mentioned above, you can buy MacBook RAM upgrades as either MacBook memory modules or MacBook memory upgrade kits.

Apple iMac Models also can accept DDR3 1066 memory as well, but this applies to older iMacs as the current iMac lineup from Apple requires the DDR3 1333MHz memory upgrades. But if you have an older iMac you can still benefit from a memory upgrade using DDR3 1066Mhz memory upgrades that are sold in either individual iMac memory or as iMac memory kits.

DDR3 1066Mhz memory upgrades are cheaper in part than have been in the past due to the fact in part that faster memory upgrades are being introduced to be compatible with the faster Apple computers, but if there ever was a time to buy Apple DDR3 1066MHz RAM this is it, as the early adopters have paid the premium for this type of Apple Memory Upgrade leaving you to save money on Apple DDR3 1066 RAM.