Apple Memory Upgrades for Older Macs. Part I

I have specialized in Apple Memory for over 13 years and have tracked memory prices for each and every mac made since about 1997, starting with the Beige PowerMac G3 desktops and working all the way through iBooks, iMacs and PowerBook and MacBook Pro RAM.

So today I thought I’d start with a little primer on the what apple ram you need for your mac computer. Now I realize that there’s very little demand for older mac memory as its’ been my personal experience to upgrade my computer when I buy it to the fullest capacity over the years and then just forget about it. But if you’ve got an older Mac Computer you want to upgrades – maybe it’s a hand me down, or a hobby project, or maybe you just need a cheap computer for some word processing tasks, then older macs are still a very viable solution. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a new MacBook Pro if all you’re doing is some email and web work. A used MacBook would do you quite nicely. But regardless of the model of older mac computer you end up buying you can still get a good deal more use out of it if you buy some more memory. Especially on the older Macs – adding more ram or adding a bigger hard drive can mean a world of difference in performance.

Beige Desktop G3 RAM

The memory on the beige G3’s can run 256mb memory modules and you can still buy 256mb ram for beige G3’s for just $15. The memory you need for this computer is PC100 SDRAM

Blue and white PowerMac G3

It seems just like yesterday that these were released with their cool  iMac inspired color schemes and cool handles to carry them and the nifty way the entire side of the computer swings out for easy ram upgrades. These will accept 256mb memory upgrades that cost as little as $15 these days.

PowerMac G4 PC100

These  PowerMac  G4’s used pretty much the same case as the Blue and White PowerMac G3’s but that’s where the difference ended for these computers. PC100 SDRAM is used in these models, regardless whether you had the ‘yikes’ version or the AGP video card version. These accepted 512mb  which is now priced at $23 and up.

These 3 desktop  computers from Apple are just a few of the older mac computers I still track and monitor memory prices for. Even though these discontinued Macs are deemed obsolete by today’s standards, if you fill them with RAM and upgrade the hard drives they can still be considered great little computers for email or word processing.