Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch 2.2 GHz RAM Upgrades

Introduced just a few months ago in Feb 2011, the17 inch 2.2 GHz Apple MacBook Pro **is the **biggest and fastest Apple MacBook Pro you can buy today in 2011 and offers 17 inches of screen real estate – the most MacBook screen you can buy for power users that need as much on their screen at once without having to switch windows or connect the MacBook Pro to an external display- this is a fantastic Apple notebook for graphics professionals on the go and a favorite amongst digital video photography users who need all the screen and power possible

Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch RAM Prices

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I have already written about the benefits of maxing out the RAM on your MacBook Pro to 8GB, or even 16GB if you can afford it for the cheaper MacBook Pro models” 13 inch 2.3GHz, 13 inch 2.7 Ghz, 15 inch 2.0 GHz and 15 inch 2.2 GHz and ho**w buying and adding more RAM for the MacBook Pro **is the best deal when considering any Apple upgrade – even before  software or more storage space, like SSD hard drives that offer even faster storage and data retrieval but the price to performance ratio still leans heavy towards price for solid state drives in 2011 and so far this year you are best to spend your money on RAM unless you have the ultimate need for speed or deep pockets.

Buying RAM from Apple direct is probably the easiest way to max out the RAM on the new MacBook Pro 17 inch 2.2 GHz, but do you see the price for MacBook Pro RAM from the Apple Store? It’s kindof pricey when you compare ram prices from other trusted memory manufacturers like Crucial who offers much more competitive prices and as I write this you can max out your MBP 17 RAM for under $100 which is a savings of over $300 on your RAM upgrade – enough for you to buy that faster SSD drive at the same time as your ram order, rather than pay what in my opinion is too much for MacBook Pro RAM from Apple directly.

**MacBook Pro 17 inch RAM Upgrades Are Easy. **

If you pay a bit of attention to what you’re doing and use some precaution when it comes to static electricity, your RAM upgrade can be done by yourself, and all you have to do is buy the memory, remove the old factory installed memory modules and replace them with the larger sized memory modules you bought to replace them with. Simple as pie, and your MacBook Pro 17 inch will run much faster when you double or even quadruple the memory upgrade in it.

The best part about uprading MacBook Book Pro RAM itself on the MacBook Pros is that Apple even provide instructions on how to do so. Step by step, you’re led through the memory upgrade process where you can upgrade the memory all by yourself without having to take the MacBook Pro into a service center or store such as Best Buy to have the RAM installed.

*8GB Apple MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade Kit is above. note the slot in the sodimm – you can’t screw up the memory install if you take your time. *

The RAM on the MacBook Pro is 1333MHz and in a 240 pin sodimm memory module with a little slot in the chip so you cannot install the memory backwards or upside down. On the MacBook Pro, there’s two memory upgrade slots to upgrade the RAM, but unlike Apple desktops like the iMac, there’s not a whole lot of room inside the MacBook Pro so you need to remove or replace the factory RAM (which you can sell) and replace it with the larger memory modules you have bought.

Why Apple doesn’t fill the 17 inch MacBook Pro with at least 8GB is beyond  me, especially considering this MacBook Pro is not a cheap netbook computer but priced over two thousand dollars you’d think that they could bump the RAM to 8GB, which as the year progresses is becoming the standard memory configuration when it comes to average ram needed for computing in 2011, and especially considering this MacBook Pro model is aimed a professional users who will be running applications like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro that will happily take all the memory you can throw at them.

So. If you’re either buying a MacBook Pro or already own one, do yourself a big favor and spend less than $100 on a MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade and enjoy the biggest and fastest Apple notebook in 2011 by doubling the memory upgrades on your 17 inch 2.2 GHz Apple MacBook Pro.