Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.2 GHz Memory Upgrades

The fastest Apple MacBook Pro, the 2011 15 inch 2.2 Ghz model that features a 2.2. Ghz Intel Core i7 processor can be made to go even faster for under $100  (see the chart above for current MacBook Pro RAM Prices)

RAM for the new MacBook Pros –  and this  includes the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2.3, 13 inch 2.7 and 15 inch 2.0 models I have already written about differ from the 2010 MacBook Pros when it comes to memory upgrades and to answer a question I get asked daily: no you cannot take the ram from your 2010 MacBook Pro or vice versa as each MacBook Pro uses a different memory upgrade speed and specifications for the two MacBook Pro model years are different. In the case of the 2010 Apple MacBook Pro, all 2010 MacBook Pros require 1066 SDRAM sodimms while the latest and newest MacBook Pros run 1333MHz DDR3 RAM that is completely different from the ram the older MacBook Pros take.

While it’s true there are bigger and faster MacBook Pros and even best selling notebooks such as the 13 inch MacBook Pro which seems to be a hit due to the perfect balance of notebook display size and price performance, this 15 inch 2.2GHz MBP offers the fastest MacBook Pro to date in 2011 (a referesh again later in the year? It’s anybody’s guess  maybe in the fall just in time to buy a MacBook Pro for Christmas) Without having to go to the next size up; the 17 inch Apple MacBook Pro that does offer even faster performance and comes at a bigger size , where portability and light weight are a concern and you still need as much screen real estate as you possibly can  the 15 inch MacBook Pro 2.2 Ghz might be considered the best MacBook Pro deal today for those wanting to buy a fast Apple notebook.

And sadly as  I made note above: You can’t take your old ram with you (you could sell it though) so to get the most out of a computer that’s not cheap by any means you really should buy more ram and max out the memory on your MacBook Pro 2.2Ghz RAM.


Apple Store RAM Prices for MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.2Ghz i7

The Apple Store offers a lot of things including best selling ipads, ipods and the like, and they’ve even been know to make some of the best notebook computers available but if there’s one thing that’s been pretty consistent it’s this: Apple RAM is expensive. Especially when you compare ram prices from Apple to other third party memory products I track and monitor where you could buy essentially the same memory upgrade for Apple for about 25% of the cost of  memory from the Apple Store.

Now,  if you tend to have either deep pockets, or perhaps buying cheaper RAM for 15 inch MBP’s is not your concern then go ahead and buy Apple RAM. It won’t be the cheapest RAM you can buy but you do get the advantage of your memory upgrades all shipping from the same company and if you buy the MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.2 GHz  at the same time as your RAM, Apple will ship your RAM already installed so when you take your brand new 2011 Apple MacBook out of the box you won’t have to worry about RAM upgrades at all.

20 11 15 inch 2.2 Ghz Memory Upgrade Instructions

Apple might not be the wisest choice when it comes to saving money on memory upgrades but they do offer fantastic instructions on how to upgrade MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz RAM. It might be common knowledge to some of you I’m sure but a lot of folks don’t know that a memory upgrade is the best computing dollar you can spend and that it’s easy to do and will not void  your warranty. In fact, Apple even shows you how to upgrade 15 inch MacBook RAM with easy to follow instructions.

Out of the box, the Apple MacBook Pro 2.2 Ghz 15 inch ships with just 4GB of RAM as  standard but when you carefully follow the instructions above, you can double your memory to 8GB MacBook Pro Memory for much less than just a few months ago, or if you go against the maximum RAM suggested by Apple some stores will sell you MacBook Pro 16GB RAM upgrades.  I’m always hesitant to suggest y0u upgrade to more than the maximum Apple suggests even though for most instances, the maximum memory specified by Apple is due to the fact that bigger ram chips were not available at the release date so the maximum memory allowed is simply due to that fact alone, but if I had a brand new Apple computer that cost over $2000 I can tell you I would be reluctant to install more RAM than what Apple states is the allowed maximum.

Detailed memory upgrade instructions are included in the link above, but the latest Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch models are pretty easy to upgrade the memory on: You remove the bottom, and the RAM upgrades are looking at you without any further computer dismantling, allowing you easy access to the 2 memory upgrade slots where you will have to remove the RAM installed by the factory (Apple) and replace it with your new larger 2x 4GB memory modules for the 8GB maximum MacBook Pro RAM as per Apple, or 16GB if you need the most RAM you can possibly fit  into your MacBook Pro.


A ram upgrade is the best computer upgrade you can do for any computer and it’s the very first thing I do when I pull a new Mac out of the box. ( not that this is an every day thing, I’m writing this on a 2008 MacBook Pro).  Software, or even hard drives, like a new SSD hard drive which would come in as a close second upgrade I would perform on this MacBook Pro but memory is most important and now in 2011, cheap. RAM for MacBook Pros regardless of size has never been cheaper than it is today.  The best value for a ram upgrade is a 8GB MacBook  Pro memory upgrade kit, as the 16GB ram uprades are still too pricey for all but those needing to be on the bleeding edge of technology. The 8GB option still doubles your MacBook Pro RAM yet is affordable unlike the  16GB.  Wait  a bit for the 16GB to drop in price (it’s dropped $100 in price in the past week) to a more realistic and affordable memory upgrade choice for the MacBook Pro 2.2 inch