Apple iMac Intel Core i5 2.7GHz 27 inch Memory Upgrades

I’ve already written about memory for the cheapest iMac  on salein 2011, and  the next iMac upgrade from that one, the 21.5  inch 2.7 GHz model, that when you compare the two 21.5 inch iMacs the latter comes out ahead even though it does cost more money initially.  But the game changes with this  27 inch iMac becuase  now we’re into the big screen iMac memory upgrades and  when it comes to adding more RAM to a 27 inch iMac in 2011 this biggest and cheapest iMac you can buy today this cheap, yet big screen iMac might  just offer the best bang for the buck for Apple consumer desktop models available on sale today.

27 inch Intel Core i5 Technical Specs

How to get iMac RAM FREE

Technically, the low end, big screen iMac is exactly the same as the higher end 21.5 inch model. Same speed Intel Core i5 processor, same maximum memory at 16GB, same  video card, same 1TB hard drive, and of course the new 2011 iMac features such as thunderbolt technology, facetime,  and all the rest. You do get a few more connection options when you compare the 21.5 inch iMacs to the 27 inch models, as the big screen iMac offers one more thunderbolt connector than the  smaller imac does, but for the price difference between the $1499 21.5 inch iMac and the $1699 27 inch Apple iMac, the reason for the $200 premium is  the much larger screen the 27 inch iMac display offers.

Which iMac to Buy?

If you’e on a budget then buy the cheapest iMac you can which, if you buy from Amazon or MacMall,you’ll save over what is available and on sale  at the Apple Store. And I’ve already explained that the faster 21.5 inch iMac is better value long term but if it were me, and especially if  I made a living from the iMac, even part time – the difference in price between a 2.7Ghz 21.5 inch, and a 2.7GHz 27 inch is just $200 more. Over a year, that price difference works out to be just pennies a day – about .50 or a bit more.

Bigger  Screen =  Faster iMac

This is something that can get overlooked. I’m just recently back from a week away working with a borrowed MacBook Air, and as light and awesome as the MacBook Air, there’s something to be said for more screen real estate. With a bigger screen, you can have more windows open, and work more efficiently,  and if you’ve got the need for either lots of toolbars or browser windows open, a big screen on your iMac is worth way more than the pennies a day  more it costs when  compared to the faster, but smaller sized display on the Apple iMac 21.5 inch model

iMac Intel Core i5 2.7GHz 27 inch Memory Upgrades

Now that we’ve determined that when compared to the 21 inch iMacs, this particular iMac is the best deal across the entire iMac lineup I wan to talk about RAM upgrades. When you consider the cost of the iMac at $1699, and the cheapest RAM upgrade for the iMac hovers around $75 mark currently, you can get the fastest and biggest iMac on sale  if you shop carefully, get free ram for the iMac 27 inch too.

Let me explain:

The iMac 27 inch costs $1699 at the Apple Store, and another 8GB of RAM at the Apple Store costs a whopping $400. Total cost for a 27 inch iMac full of RAM =$2099.00

But if you buy the 27 inch iMac at Amazon, you’ll save about $80 off the 1699.99 regular retail price. And the cheapest iMac RAM you can buy is also priced less than that discount , at about $75, so if you buy both the iMac and RAM at Amazon your total is still less than $1699, by about five dollars so the total cost to upgrade your new Apple iMac to the maximum 16GB RAM is essentially FREE. A ram upgrade that costs you nothing is the cheapest ram you’ll ever see.

Where to Buy 27 inch Apple iMac RAM

Of course my logic and math on getting iMac RAM for FREE only applies if you are ready to buy a new iMac today and apply the Amazon discount to the RAM Upgrades. If you already have a 27 inch Apple iMac and are considering a ram upgrade to the maximum of 16GB you can still do so, and still save enough money on RAM when compared to Apple to buy yourself a SSD hard drive, which after memory upgrades might be the best performance enhancement for your Apple desktop computer as the solid  state hard drives are much faster than traditional hard  drives for Apple computer and offer much faster performance when you compare the two.

Below is a current price list of where to buy  RAM for the 2011 Apple iMacs, and as you can see the iMac ram prices are much cheaper than the RAM prices from Apple directly.

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