An Afternoon with LLoyd

This is a story about a man named Lloyd.

The day started out well enough: The Dog and I got up, made coffee had breakfast all while BW slept snoring away in the other room. It was quiet and after a while even the dog went back to bed and I had the whole house to myself. Nice and quiet.

And then, I heard it: The jingling sound of the dog’s collar as she shakes herself awake, which means : BW is awake too. After a good morning grunt from BW and I delivered her coffee (she’s got a good thing going with the coffee delivery thing ) the coffee started to kick in and then I heard it: “Let’s do something fun today”

This statement, I have learned  means three things:

I am gardening

It will usually involve the dog 

It will more than likely involve food

In this particular instance, numbers two and three applied: I present to you,

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Now, under normal circumstances I would be okay for going out to a park on a  nice sunny sunday. But this particular day, despite the sun it’s still a tad chilly to be going outside when there’s a nice warm cup of coffee inside and I can bask in the glow of  the computer screen. But my input fell on deaf ears and before you knew it I was holding a dog in one hand and a burrito in the other.

This brings me back to this Lloyd fellow. I blame him. I could have probably persuaded BW to something warmer like the art gallery or even a Sunday drive but nope. If Lloyd is in town, we’re going to visit and there’s not much I can do to persuade her otherwise  so I might as well just play along..

Also, BW said I could have a Coke.

So,** despite my attempt to give away the dog** to a very nice lady who stopped to pet her while BW was placing the taco order I ended up having a nice time and as the saying goes: Happy wife = Happy Life.  Bonus points if you buy her Tacos.



ps: don’t tell BW I had a good time. She’ll make me do it again.