American Pastime

You know, for somebody that doesn’t like dogs I think the dog is keeping me company this week and I sure find myself talking to the dog a lot (maybe  I shouldn’t admit that out loud on the interweb).  I never ever know what I’m going to write for this thing when I sit down to blog. It just happens organically, which is why I’m having so much fun I guess

And tonight, is one of those times, when it  comes to  having fun.

I saw this at the public park across the street and thought it might make a good photo:

The light is nice.. Now of course, I had company:

And when we went back to the backyard to inspect the garden (no need to water - we had a half hour thunderstorm), -  I get greeted with this:

For those not in the know, this is code for “play with me”. I hadn’t intended to throw the dog the ball and getting a good photo was next to impossible as I had to throw the ball, then bring the camera to my eye before the dog got to the ball to get the photo and let me tell you - this is one fast pooch:

But after a few practice throws we both had a really great time tonight:


It’s all good here on this warm summer night.