All in the Family

If there’s been one change I have had this year since getting hitched this winter (note to self, six months coming up - buy flowers) it’s that I never, ever get lonely. Either people are in our house or we, in theirs.

This past week alone, we will have hosted 3 times by the time the week ends. I’m not used to this - all these people around me, all the time?

Now, this is all tongue in cheek and all -  but between hosting and painting there sure isn’t a whole lot of ‘me’ time lately (that, and fixing computer problems for BW, but we’ll leave that alone…hoo boy touchy subject)

Take this Tuesday, for example. We had company, or visitors and it was my family that came to see me. They brought gifts, and of course we had a lovely time as we spent time together away from the TV:

TV in the USA is just cooler.

All is not bad on the Island of Grand, though because when we host or get hosted, one thing happens time and time again, and that is: we eat well. A little too well, methinks:

I need to get skinny

If you can’t read the numbers, that’s OK. Let’s just pretend they’re low. My point is that with all this social dining lately, I think I am starting to feel gravity’s pull a touch more than I am used to.

I blame the following:


Burgers with Blue Cheese Dressing

medium rare steak

Grilled Sirloin Steak


This might have something to do with my weight increase too I think.

If you recall, when I started this blog I told you we did this. Well, it’s been some time since that actually happened let me tell you, and much to BW’s dismay we have to start again. There’s a fine line between fat and happy, and well - just fat.

The takeaway is that all this socializing comes with a price, and that price has to be paid in 2 mile daily increments or else.. like I said, fat.

I guess that this is a small price to pay for visiting with your friends and family, and truth be told - it’s priceless. But all this socializing sure is hard on a (former) skinny guy’s waistline.