Adventures in Dog Walking

Who knew that dog walking could be so interesting?

I know I sure didn’t but since I’ve become the official dog walker here over the past year or so, I’ve made some observations and I thought I’d share them:

Dog walking can be profitable. I’ve made seven bucks since walking dogs. I’ve found a five dollar bill and 2 one’s in our sleepy little neighborhood and one can only imagine how much money I could make in a more concentrated area like Toronto or New York. I figure I always have my head down in the fear that somebody will recognize me both outside and walking a dog - 2 things I try to avoid.

If the dog wants to stop, and um, smell the roses - the dog will smell the roses. If the dog does not want to move the dog won’t.

The dog attracts all the crazy dogs in the neighborhood (and crazy owners too). Today, we were out for our lap when this little benji shaped dog came running up to say hello and smell butts which is fine. There was no growling going on, just butt smelling (more words I never thought I’d put together in a sentence), but the funny part is benji wasn’t on a leash. He’s no bigger than a large cat but the best part was that Benji wasn’t a very good listener. His owner, a 20-something with a plaid shirt and cowboy boots, chased, pleaded, ran and tried to bribe benji with cheese.

Benji wasn’t having any of this, and that’s the funny part - Benji, thedog and I ended up taking his owner for a little walk around the neighborhood until Benji finally got tired. I wonder next time our neighbor takes benji for a walk he’ll bring a leash, and maybe some more comfortable footwear

  1. This is the funniest of the stories: When we walk by this one house there’s these 2 little white small dogs that bark and bark and bark when we go by. And the dog, usually very well mannered just loses her shit when we walk by the house so I’ve come to dialing in the leash when she goes by. We pass the house of crazy dog okay, and so I let the leash out again so the dog can walk freely and not pull me. The dog has a tendency to not walk on the sidewalk but the little boulevard of grass between the sidewalk and the road.

Usually, this is uneventful and not worthy of a mention, but on this day, across the street a half block up is an older dog on the front lawn. This older dog might bark once but otherwise could care less about the dog. But our dog was very interested in the dog across the street, and had craned her neck to look back at the dog.

And just like texting and driving, doing two things at the same time when moving regardless of whether you’re a dog or not is always a bad idea and the dog, not looking where she was going walked right into a sign post. You could hear the ‘clunk’ as dog head bounced off street sign.

There’s nothing worse than getting busted walking into a pole because you were checking out the hot number across the street.

Ask the dog, she’ll tell ya.