Acer Aspire 4551 Notebook Computer Memory Upgrade Prices

[Cheapest Acer Aspire 4551 RAM


The Acer Aspire 4551 notebook **is a 2010 notebook model released from Acer and yet despite the fact that the Acer 4551 is a 2010 model when it comes to making this Acer Aspire laptop, the same holds true for this model too – **adding more RAM is the best computing investment  you can  make for Acer notebooks, or any other brand too.

Peformance wise, this Acer offers the perfect mix of  speed and size in my opinion with a 14 inch LED display, AMD Athlon II Dual-core Processor P320(2.1GHz, 1MB L2 Cache) and up to 3.5 inch hours of battery life, if you own this computer notebook from Acer or find one on the used market, than you could do yourself a favor and add more ram.

The good news about the maximum RAM allowed for the Acer 4551 is that adding more RAM won’t kill you pocketbook like adding 16GB of RAM might. Due to the fact that out of the box the Acer 4551 comes with 3GB of RAM installed in the two memory upgrade slots available for ram upgrades  this means that you’ll only need to replace the 1GB memory upgrade module in slot B with with a bigger 2GB RAM upgrade for the Acer 4551.

According to current RAM prices, the RAM upgrade for the Acer 4551 should only run you about $29.99 for  a 4GB memory upgrade Kit that consists of two DDR3 1333Mhz 2GB memory modules.

Acer 4551 RAM Prices

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As you can see from the memory prices above ram for this Acer notebook is pretty cheap. I recommend you upgrade the Acer 4551 RAM with the identical memory upgrades by buying two new RAM upgrades. It’s not a requirement, but you will have less of a chance of memory errors or other such computing fun and for the price difference between an individual RAM chip and a complete memory upgrade kit you’re better off buying new ram cheap than trying to be cheap.

Some memory upgrade stores will even offer you a trade in for your old RAM or you can sell the memory removed from the Acer 4551 and save even more money on your overall ram upgrade for the Acer 4551 notebook computer.

Acer 4551 Solid State Drives

Now that it’s 2011 there’s another way to improve the speed on your Acer 4551 and that’s by replacing the Acer notebooks’ hard drive with a new solid state drive. Budget SSD Drives can be had for about $100 right now and that’s a big price drop compared to earlier this year where the cost for solid state hard drives was still prohibitive.

The benefit of solid state drives for any Acer notebook is that there’s no moving parts so less chance of hard drive failure and significantly faster startup time and overall performance increase.

For about $100, maybe a litte more **buy a 4GB RAM Upgrade Kit **and a **64GB SSD Drive **and you have a fast Acer notebook that’s the perfect travel notebook thanks to the 14 inch screen size and lighter weight than other 15 inch notebooks like the Dell Inspiron 15R, for example.

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