I have always hated writing about pages, but here goes..

In the past I have dedicated this site to aggregating the best ram prices from an array of memory stores but it’s not 2001 anymore and the last Mac to accept a RAM upgrade was the MacBook Pro. (save for a few iMac models).

This left me with a challenge of what to do with this site. I have tried a few things but then it dawned on me that I was really just  a curator with ramseeker so why not continue with curation but for all things tech (or anything else for that matter)

So I have started to do just that. You will still see  some ram prices here  and if you want Apple Memory I still keep a chart    with all the vintage models of Apple computers and what ram they take, and how much and type.

But RAM isn’t the commodity we once needed as it’s been a decade of soldered ram   and except for a few outliers there will be no going back. Heck, a lot of the vendors I used to track are out of business now .

If you have suggestions for resources that you think might be of interest that I have overlooked then please take a moment and submit it via the button on the top right corner of this page.

Thanks for reading,