A Hot Little Number

The day, like any other day started innocently enough wit coffee and internet, but then BW got the case of the Sunday’s again where for some reason, hanging out all day in your underpants on a beautiful July day isn’t her idea of a good time. Who knew?

So.. the plan was to go get one of these first: Beef on weck

That, my friends is a beef on weck that is only sold on an aptly named food truck called roaming buffalo, and then go to the botanical gardens to look at all the pretty flowers and I could give my new wide angle lens a workout.

So, food first and then double back to the gardens. Trouble started when we realized this food truck was a car show in a small town in western New York called, Marilla, and that this car show is pretty big, and once you’ve parked and walked a mile or two you realize just how big this car show really is, and of course the food truck is at the far end of the show. Best laid plans and all..



We walked…

beautiful wife

and walked some more..(hoo, do I love that dress)


And along the way we managed to see a car or two:


Lots of red cars today out there…


We really didn’t stick around too long because we really weren’t looking to go to a car show and really - we just wanted to go for a sunday drive and get some roast beef on a bun for lunch and then hit the botanical gardens afterwards.

But, after walking for so long and with some of us not really dressed for walking (It’s all about the shoes) we gracefully bowed out of the middle of nowhere new york and made our way home.  We stopped for Vietnamese on the way home to end our perfect sunny July day.

Hope everybody had a great one!