A Few Thoughts on WordPress vs Jekyll


I think I have Web Hosting issues. I have yet to find the perfect web hosting and blogging situation. I thought I had come close by deciding on using Jekyll but the slow build times scare me if I plan on adding a lot more content over the long term.

jekyll build times

It takes me about 30 seconds to build this site compared to the much faster way to write in wordpress where you write each post with a headline, content and maybe an image and boom! you’re done.

The Problem with WordPress

I think that WordPress used to be a better product. I know I am probably in the minority here as something like 30% of the web uses WordPress so they must have something going for them but for me as much as I like the way I can quickly write a post and hit ‘publish’ and be done.

With Jekyll, there’s no CMS so it’s like 1999 all over again in way.You write in markdown and then assemble and add images. When you’re done you test the site to make sure it looks okay with your changes made and then when you’re happy you update the entire site to your web host and you are done.

I also like the idea of having my entires site being in text files so if I ever do need a post I have it on my drive as well as backed up.

Jekyll is less user friendly, but once you get a good workflow setup, it takes me no longer to write a post in Jekyll than it would in WordPress.

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