On Parenting While Sick


I don’t know how you people do it. Last week I was sick with flu-like symptoms (probably rotovirus) and I couldn’t do it. I had to go to bed.

Thankfully my wife was able to take over the parenting for the last few hours of the day when I gave up but for those that have more than one kid or are the only parent, you have my respect. This shit is hard.

The Walker

What they don’t tell you with all the baby websites that you read as you watch your little one grow inside your wife is that when your wee one is born the plastic stuff just seems to multiply in your sleep

Today’s example is the walker we have at the ready in the corner of the living room:


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She’s not quite ready to use this as she is still working on crawling yet. She has the rolling on the floor down pat though, so there’s hope.

I’m in no hurry to be able to use this walker for kids as my kid still can’t walk and as such is a bit more controllable. When they start to walk, then the real fun begins.

One neat thing about this walker toy is that the front of the unit is removable from the rest of the walker so your little one can play with the device even if she’s not quite walking yet.

Off the top of my head, there’s counting, piano keys that sing do ra mi and a cow that will moo when pushed. What more could a toddler as for. I know I get half an hour or more with 2 hands free thanks to this thing so I’m good.

Squiqz Starter Set

Holy smokes I didn’t realize that these were close to $25.00. These were a gift so I don’t really price check all the gifts she gets but there you go.


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Anyway, back to the squigz. There’s also a bigger pack that of course costs more and has 50 pieces, but as somebody that has to pick up all these things I’m okay with the 25 set.

These are actually fun. When she got them at Christmas, of course every adult had to see if they stick to their forehead (they do) so I guess it’s just a matter of time until she does the same.

The box says choking hazard for under 3 and I suppose it could happen but these things are pretty big and I keep an eye on her constantly anyway, but you have been warned.

The small ones with the balls on the end are the best because at her age they are more chew toys than toys that actualy get played with but she does like when I put them all back into the container so she can pull them all out again and toss them over the carpet.

These are up there as one of the toys that don’t suck and I can recommend this toy as one of our favorites so far.

The New Car Seats

I had written a post about this already, but I haven’t an idea where it went so I am trying again.

I was on a roll too, I wrote 2 days in a row and yet now I have to start over again in my daily writing challenge.

Right, car seats:


Now that she’s 1 YEAR OLD! we had to buy these as she ws getting too big for the other smaller one we had and this seemed, well… fine.

I didn’t really spend a lot of time searching for a car seat as all I needed one that looked okay for her and was a name brand (Graco) that we liked. A very small discussion about what color we should get and before you know it we ordered 2 of these in “Gotham” Color. It doesn’t matter anyway about the color because there is going to be lots of spills and stains on this thing in no time.

We paid about $140.00 each and I see now that at time of writing they are closer to $180 on Amazon but prices will change on Amazon all the time so it doesn’t really matter the price. A year from now it won’t matter what we paid for these car seats.

The Review

Not really a review, but after reading the very confusing instruction manual about how to install these, the reality was that these were actully pretty easy to install.

If you have a car that’s made in the last decade or even later you don’t have to worry about using seat belts and just click the seat to the hooks at the back of the seat in the car. Make sure the seat is level and that the strap to the car is tight and you’re good to go.

This is not the worst car seats still a car seat and you have to somehow shove a wiggly (and sometimes back-arching) toddler and then find the strap, only to find that it’s been twisted to bits. When you think you are finished, you have to find the buckle which is now under your toddler.

So, ya. Car seats are fun. The good news is we only have to strap her in for another 7 years