8GB Memory MacBook Pro

8GB Memory MacBook Pro prices are much more reasonable in price currently than they have been in the past.  In the past to upgrade your Apple MacBook Pro with 8gb of ram would have cost the same as a new MacBook with memory prices for MacBook pro being almost 1000 dollars you have to have deep, deep pockets to upgrade your MacBook pro to 8GB total and unless you we doing high intensity work that required the most ram for whatever the cost such as photoshop or image editing or working with movies whether it be final cut or iMovie you might be inclined to stick with the stock ram in your mbp as upgrading  to 8GB MacBook Pro Memory sure was pricey.

That was then and this is now and for a few reasons, it makes a lot more sense to buy ram for your MacBook pro. Especially now, with the back to school season and soon after the holiday shopping for 2010 season upon us sooner than we’d like it might make sense to upgrade with 8GB ram now.

Cheap 8GB MacBook Pro RAM

It’s always been my thought – and this applies to all memory upgrades whether it’s for apple notebooks or desktops is to max out the ram.  Adding the maximum ram  to your MacBook Pro means you only pay once for memory upgrades and then you’re done. My current computer is a MacBook pro personally and I coughed up $100 (yes, I buy ram just like you) and maxed out my MacBook pro and it just works. It will be close to two years with the same computer so my memory upgrade cost me about  $4 a month over the two years. That’s the same price as a fancy cup of coffee.  I have forgotten about my memory upgrade since as I bought my ram from a reputable memory vendor that sells quality ram built to apple specifications but without the extra price you can  sometimes pay when shopping for ram from Apple directly.

8GB of RAM is the most ram you can currently install into a MacBook Pro and I suggest you do just that. As I write this 8GB will set you back about  $250 or so from many vendors for the 8GB MacBook Pro memory kits. Not the cheapest ram you can buy, no. $250 would buy a lot of cool apple toys like an ipod, or iphone or some other apple software or accessor but it won’t let you get your work done faster. We’re going to assume you’re a pro as you bought  the pro MacBook for the extra features so you could benefit from bigger display, more speed , etc and you paid a pretty penny to do so. It only makes sense to squeeze the most you can out of your MacBook Pro and  install the maximum ram you can too. I bet if you’re making a living or even freelancing part time you’ll make the money back that you spent to buy 8GB Memory MacBook Pro in no time.