8GB MacBook Pro RAM Prices

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Where to Buy 8GB of RAM? Well, that depends. If you want the lowest price you can find for Apple MacBook Memory you should scoot over  the the front page of ramseeker  and use my handy-dandy memory configurator  I’ve whipped up for you to useThe latest MacBook Models from Apple can now accept up to 8GB of ram which is quite a significant jump from the 4gb maximum of even a year or so ago. Why the increase of MacBook Pro memory 8GB. One factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is price. ram prices drop over time and  at one point not too long ago you would have to pay a lot more money to get 8gb of RAM into any Apple Mac, not just the MacBooks and MacBook Pros. For a long time, the only Apple Computers that would accept more than 8GB of RAM were Mac Pro Models and even they maxed out at 32gb.

Let me explain a bit on how I categorize the Apple Memory into Groups. Long, long ago when I started I only had to worry about listing a few ram prices for popular Macs. This was back in the day of the PowerMac G3’s and  even 32mb would set you back a pretty penny. 1GB of ram would cost over $1000 and so it was pretty simple as I only had a few pages to keep track of all the memory  that I do here on ramseeker.

But then, Apple couldn’t leave well enough alone. Nope,  they had to come out with  new models all the time. First, the iBooks came out and then a bit later the MacBooks and MacBook Pros (an aside:  I never cared for my black MacBook I used to have – it showed the fingerprints too easy). So I added more pages to ramseeker, and more and more memory stores and started a discontinued section for all the Apple Models that were, well – discontinued.

That’s all fine and dandy but then about  2003 or so, Apple changed the specifications on some of their Macs where you had to buy the memory in matched pairs –  0r memory upgrade kits – as I call them. And it seems as some memory stores started to list their memory upgrades for the Mac as memory upgrade kits and some other  – nope, they stuck to their guns and still listed all their memory upgrades as individual modules.

That’s fine, but how can I differentiate? I can’t list both memory kits for the MacBook Pro  and Memory Modules for the MacBook Pros on the same page as that wouldn’t be fair. When you go to sort by price when comparing ram prices the module prices would always show first, and then the memory upgrade KITs would come next, and that’s no good. So what I did was make two pages. One for MacBook Pro – single  module and another page for MacBook Pro KIT, including the 8GB Memory Kits that are such a good deal these days.

But it’s still a bit confusing when shopping for 8GB MacBook Kits as the older MacBook Pros accepted PC5300 DR2 SO -DIMMS but the newer MacBook Pro Models took the DDR3 1066 MHZ so there’s that to differntiate from too when MacBook Pro Memory Shopping.

But  here’ what you need. You need MacBook Pro DDR3 1066 ram prices, and check both the MacBook Pro Memory upgrade kits and the MacBook Pro memory modules to0,as you never know who has the best deal on ram, and you shouldn’t discount the guys who choose to sell their ram individually instead of a package deal

Do your homework and  you’ll get the best deal you can on 8GB MacBook Pro RAM Prices.