8GB Kit for MacBook Pro

When shopping for MacBook Pro Memory it can be a good idea to shop for memory upgrade kits for MacBook Pro as some memory stores offer memory upgrade kits that include two MacBook Pro memory upgrade modules.

Usually, these memory upgrade kits make sense to buy as you usually save money on MacBook Pro ram as you will need to buy two memory modules anyway if you want to maximize the ram on your MacBook Pro and 8GB kits for MacBook Pro is the most memory you can install in MacBook Pros in 2010 (and 2011 so far, but my guess is this  will change with new MacBook models being announced soon enough).


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Name Brand 8GB Mac Memory

The good news is 8GB RAM upgrades for MacBook Pro in kit form (4GB x 2) have dropped in price considerably when compared to just over a year ago where you would pay almost as much as the cost of the Apple computer itself just to Max out the RAM.

At time of writing this you can buy 8GB RAM for MacBook Pro for as little as $110, $40.00 which when you amortize the cost over a year – a reasonable time to use the same notebook computer, the cost add the most RAM to your MacBook Pro works out to less than $1.00 per day. For that money spent with your 8GB DDR3 RAM purchase you get a faster, smoother running Apple professional notebook that can mean you get your work done faster than if you had not upgraded your memory.

The prices for 8GB for MacBook Pros change constantly. Below is a table of the cheapest RAM prices for  MacBook Pro that gets updated continually, and includes other memory upgrades as well as just 8GB kits for MacBook Pro