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I have switched this site over from WordPress to Jekyll over the past few days and I think the biggest benefit of using a static site vs WordPress has to be the speed

Man, this site is fast now.

I like WordPress, I really do. But I think I spent more time tweaking and trying different plugins than I did actually, creating content.

Yes, jekyll and static sites are not as user-friendly, but I am no IT pro and I still managed to figure it out – Google is your friend. It’s really not that hard.

I really like the idea of having my entire website on my computer. If I want to add a new post, I choose my text editor of choice and start to write.

Adding images is as easy as moving the photo to my image folder and then adding the markup to the text file to call the image.

My one complaint about Jekyll is the speed it takes to build the site. I have lots of files and folders and it takes about 30 seconds to build. I could switch out to other static site generators, but Jekyll is popular and it has good documentation.

I know the popular way to host Jekyll is on github pages because it’s hard to beat free but i have chosen another host that seems to be a bit faster and once you get how it works it’s actually pretty easy to work with. That’s Google Firebase.

Google Firebase offers a free tier but they also offer a $25/month plan or a pay as you go plan. I currently upgraded to the pay as you go plan because with all the images on this site I have larger storage needs than the what the free plan offers.

But recently they offer a new option where you when you upgrade to the pay as you go you still get a credit as if you had the free plan. Unless you have large files or lots of bandwidth you could never ever get billed for firebase.

Here’s what I expect to pay for the month:

firebase hosting

I don’t plan on being so lucky due to my storage needs but according to the pricing page I estimate my costs to be a few dollars a month at most..I currently have a $300 credit from Google so I would need to eat up my free firebase credit and then eat up all my Google Cloud credit before I ever see a bill for this site’s hosting. At least that’s the plan.

I did give Netlify a go as you can connect go github and then when you push your site to Github it automatically will grab the updates and host them. free, too

But I like the idea of living in an all-Google world when it comes to this site. I’m no expert on getting a website to run as fast as possible worldwide, but I know Google does so if it allows me to write more and fiddle less with themes and plugins and backups and whatever else then it’s worth the few bucks it will cost me to host this site.

It’s not free to host this site – but pretty close. It sure beats the $300 a month I was paying for ‘dedicated servers’ back in the day.

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