4GB RAM for Apple iMac

The  Apple iMac is a very popular desktop computer from Apple and one way to better the performance of Apple’s best selling desktop computer is to add more memory and now with the latest iMac models being able to recognize 16GB of RAM the 4GB memory upgrade for Apple iMacs is a very popular memory upgrade here on ramseeker. One of the most popular memory upgrades we sell in fact, only bested by the more popular Apple notebook computers such as the MacBook and MacBook Pros

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Cheapest Apple iMac

4GB RAM for iMac can be bought for many different Apple iMac models and depending on the specific iMac model you are looking to upgrade the price and also the memory type that your particular Apple iMac requires could be different.

Currently shipping iMacs are the most popular Apple computers to upgrade and they require the newer 1333MHz SDRAM memory upgrades. Available as either a 4GB 1333Mhz memory module or as a 4GB 1333Mhz memory upgrade kit which will be the cheaper of the two choices.

Just discontinued Apple iMacs this summer 2010 used the older DDR3 memory standard running at 1066Mhz which also require and can accept 4GB memory modules for iMac as well as 4GB memory upgrade kits for iMac.

Older iMacs that require either DDR2 PC6400 SDRAM or even PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM may  be able to accept 4GB for Apple iMac, but this will depend on your specific model of iMac, as some older Apple iMacs could only accept 2GB of RAM. Low End Mac and Every Mac are two resources that I always refer to when  checking  the memory upgrade specifications  of now discontinued Apple computers.

4GB RAM is the newest ram available for Apple iMac but is now an affordable upgrade option for those looking to either upgrade a new or even older Apple iMac computer today.