30 Years is a Long Time

My future man cave: I have 30 years to plan the renovation.

Item number 1:

Today B managed to lock us into a 30 year mortgage at a very ridiculous mortgage rate that, according to the mortgage broker (and good friend) is the** lowest mortgage rate she’s seen. EVER. **

Now, because I moved to B’s country and home, I’m still in the dark about how much things cost here, and when it comes to keeping me in the way I’ve been I have been accustomed. In fact,the finances work like this: “Jim, we have no money”, and when I hear that I stop shopping on eBay and get back to work and hand over all my income**  to she who must be obeyed. Hey, it works. ?

Back to the mortgage: 30 years is a long freakin’ time.  I could be buried in the backyard behind the shed by the time  we get our  digs paid off.  Hey, I just realized that with a 30 year mortgage and a water heater lifespan of 15 years, we’ll be through our second water heater before this thing is paid for. Goodness gracious. The good news is we’re locked in to that super low rate for the entire 30 years.

Item number 2 

Kind of freakin’ hot out methinks -  a perfect day to drive to Pennsylvania again this weekend  with no airco in the car. I  mean it’s not  like we were just there or anything. But with all the lack of rain our lawn is sure taking a beating. Just take a look at both the photo above, and this one.  The brown grass to green grass ratio favors the former by a big margin.

BW told me today I had to stop flushing  the toilet today because of ‘the water shortage’. There’s a few issues I have with this:


We live ON AN ISLAND. Guess what surrounds us in each and every direction? You got it - water. I mean, Niagara Falls is just down the road, once we cross the bridge over all the water we apparently don’t have. When the falls stop, then maybe I’ll reconsider but in the meantime, I’m jiggling the handle  at will.


Item number 4.  See the dog below? She looks kindof harmless, yes?

You are looking at the fastest, and stealthiest mouse killer (or more likely, lick to death) this side of the Canadian border.

Last night we were reading:

when we heard squeek squeek squeek coming from the back yard. Our first question was “whats’ that?”, followed by “where’s the dog?”.  Turns out the dog was outside, so we went and collected her and went to bed. in. In the am, I go to let the fuzzy one out and as soon as she’s  in the back yard, the squeeking starts again. Long story, short - apparently dogs are fast enough to catch mice. I scooped two up today that had been licked to death  and tossed ‘em in the garbage.

I doubt there will be any updates this weekend, but I can be  sure there will be more than a photo to share and a story to tell when I’m back.

Have a great weekend, all. (Hi Dad!)

**don’t tell her about my recent eBay purchases. If anybody asks, this didn’t happen. I can trust you guys, right?