30 Days

It’s been said that a good way to start getting into a habit is to just try and connect the dots of the calendar and with this post I’ve connected thirty of ‘em by blogging here every day.

It’s not been an easy trip. I have almost forgotten to write for the day and some days when I did they have been far from stellar.

But at this early start, it doesn’t really matter all that much because very few are reading anyway. And that’s a good thing because it allows me to create the habit to write without having to worry about any one caring but me and also it allows me to find my voice online.

I have also, being the nerd I am - figured out **how **I want to write. Some write in Microsoft Word, and others it’s plain text and markdown and I have paid for and tried every app and blogging platform over the years but I have found that what works for me is using Google Docs to write and WordPress to publish.

With these 2 **free **pieces of software I am able to write almost anywhere on any device.

Heck, the post before this I wrote with my phone while in bed.

I’m writing about my system because I have realized that part of learning to write every day is to find the method that works best for you and makes it easiest to remove the friction. I’ve spent way too long ‘researching’ different apps and even complete different operating systems under the guise of ‘writing’ but I’ve learned this past month that it’s best to **just write. **

I figure if I keep at it **somebody **will read this blog

Lastly, it’s a challenge to do this. I read other bloggers who blog every day and one thing I think is:** where do they find the time?** I’m beginning to realize you have to make the time as the time won’t come to you.

My goal for the next 30 days will be to have more of a schedule for this new task/hobby of mine. My day usually goes like this:





OMG I have to blog!

And I want to change this so it’s more structured in my day. I don’t need a lot of time - these posts aren’t war and peace so surely I could rearrange priorities and find the time so that I’m not trying to keep my eyes open and type at the same time.

At least that’s the hope.