27 inch Apple iMac (Late 2015) DDR3 1866MHz Memory Upgrade Prices

Now that the ram prices are starting to come online for the new 27 inch Apple iMacs (Late 2015), I’ve started to track the prices, and unless you’re willing to cough up over $1000 for the 64GB upgrade option (double the recommended by Apple) most other sizes are perfectly affordable.

Perhaps not as cheap as the DDR3 1600MHz ram prices you see above but considering this is newer and faster ram for the faster iMacs with retina displays you can still max out these iMac models with 32GB of RAM for under $300.00

So far, I’ve found some pricing from Data Memory Systems and OWC and Amazon but more vendors will show up next week or so and I will continue to built out the price list as the ram upgrades become available.

Also, remember you can only upgrade the ram on the Late 2015 27 inch iMacs . If you’re looking for ram upgrades for the 21.5 inch retina display iMac, you’re out of luck.

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