How to Remove Bullets in CSS

I like to create lists but I’m not keen on the ‘dots’ or bullets that are added for each item in the list. Here’s some CSS to add to get rid of those pesky bullets. 

list-style-type: none;

Stats are for Kids

I was having trouble with the jetpack plugin today with it throwing some error when I tried to reinstall it – so I thought ‘screw it’ and uninstalled the thing. 

This means that I have no idea who is visiting this site, or when, or how many times. 

And think I am okay with this. If nothing else it will stop me from checking the stats to find out they are pretty much the same  every day anyway. 

Except now I will have no idea how many visitors this site gets. And really,  who cares? The only time  I have need stats was if I was selling a site, and I doubt that this will be sold any time soon

Instead of counting visitors, I will just start to create more and let the chips fall where they may. If somebody finds my site or post and reads it then great! And if not, at least I tried. 

In a way, stats are like the odometer on a car – if the car is running great – who cares how many miles are on it?  The same goes with this site. If it’s running great then all is good. It doesn’t really matter how many visitors it does or does not get. 

I have done this before, but I got lured back into the world or counting page views as it’s like a drug, it feels great that some are getting something out of your words and effort. 

But knowing your stats can also box you into a corner. If you know that one of your posts is more popular than others then I would tend to write about that topic over and over again in an effort to attract more eyeballs. 

When the stats are gone then you’re free to write about pretty much anything you want as you will have no idea on what works and what doesn’t.

Some would argue that this is a waste of time as having stats shows what works (more readers, more money, or whatever your metric) but it also tends to keep you tied to the stats more. But if you have no idea what works and what does not,then I feel it’s just easier to pick a topic and well.. go at it.  

You may find that a post you wrote about some topic that’s outside the scope of your site might just pick up steam and you will attract readers. You will have way to tell if you have attracted readers as you have no stats but that’s okay because you are creating new content  that you have no analytics for because you’re not tied to one topic.

You could write about anything, and you will be in blissful peace because you will have no idea of knowing whether anybody is reading or not. 

And I think that’s okay. I am old enough to remember a time before analytics where you would have to sift through server logs to make any sense of traffic to your website so the advent of analytics makes things easier to be sure and provides much more info at your fingertips. 

It’s so easy to get bogged down by  analysis  paralysis that you spend time more time on visiting your stats page (guilty) than creating new content that could actually get you a bigger audience (also guilty) which is what you really want from your stats anyway. 

The only stat that I want to measure from now on is how many times I hit the publish button. The rest doesn’t really matter. 

Sayonara Music Player for Linux

I am slowly ripping my CD’s to FLAC format and investigating some ways to play them and Sayonara music player looks to be very nice for a music player for Ubuntu.

Five Hundred

I just noticed on my dashboard for this site that earlier this week I passed the five hundred post mark. And I thought that boy – that went by fast.

I  haven’t written much here in 2018 but still, that’s a milestone I thought I would never reach when I started writing for this site instead of monitoring ram prices but as time goes by the post count goes up. 

Some of the posts are entire throwaways but some are actually helpful to others and I guess that’s why I want to continue writing: to see just how many posts I could get to.  

The first five hundred posts took some time to get there but when you look back it seems like no time at all. I keep have to reminding myself that the most important thing is to just hit that publish button because you never know what post will be popular and help others. 

Now, on to the next five hundred. 

Hosted by Cloudways

I have tried more than one web hosting service over the years, but Cloudways might be one of the better web hosts I have used.

I really don’t have too much requirements for web host these days, as this site is really just a WordPress blog so almost any host will do but I like Cloudways a lot for what they offer. 

Unlike shared hosting, they offer you the option to configure your own server and then add applications to that server. It’s kind of hard to beat the pricing too as my current hosting costs are about ten bucks a month. 

This site is actually powered by Digital Ocean  who offer great hosting but is more complicated to setup the server with firewalls, and stuff.  Cloudways takes care of all that for me and I can concentrate on the production of content and not how to serve the content. 

The hosting is upgradeable too via a control panel, so if I run out of CPU or storage I can upgrade with a click of the button. Probably the best part is that I have never had to talk to or call support. 

I think that web hosting is one of those things that you should get and forget about and it should be able to setup with as little as possible configuration on your end and Cloudways meets that goal for me. 

HTTP Status Code Checker

Just an update to this  as there is  a new version of this site here that seems to be a bit nicer in design.

The HTTP Status code checker came in handy the past few days allowing me to be sure that the redirects worked for my new domain name. 

On WordPress Themes

I think I just may have tried every theme that’s available for this site that’s  and I keep coming back to simple and ugly.

I’ve tried nicer looking themes with page builders and spaces for ads and all kinds of other stuff but you know what works?

The stuff you write. 

If you use the image above of ramseeker from 1999  as an example you will note that there’s a LOT to  choose from. Yes, it’s ugly as sin but if you wanted to buy ram in 1999 there’s a very good chance you could find what you are looking for.

Yes, there’s LOTs of ads in this example (sigh, the good old days) but there’s also a lot of content and except for the ads there’s not much else going on with the design. Links are blue, and for the odd link I would add some red. 

In short, I have found that fast and simple wins. All the banner ads and images and sharing buttons don’t mean squat if you don’t have the content on the page, and if you have to link to some stuff use good old blue hyperlinks as they work well and are easy to differentiate from the text.

I think working through this is a natural progression. Of course if you are some bloggers that stick to the same design for years then that’s great but I have tried more than one theme over the years but I keep on going back to simple and easy to read. 

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest and greatest theme and features but you really don’t need ads and sliders and page builders and so on. My current theme has none of that and it is about a simple as it gets. It’s fast to load and easy to read. 

The only thing left to do is to hit publish over and over again. 

A New Name

Twenty years is a long time.  

That’s how long I have been using the domain name 

But over time the demand for ram has declined as the number of Apple computers that can actually accept new ram has dwindled to almost none.  

And to be honest I’m not the same person I was all those years ago when I started When I started here,  Macs were cool and ram upgrades were expensive. Neither of these things are true any more.

I’ve written a few times here about not writing about memory upgrades any more but this time I mean it. I haven’t spent a lot of attention  on this site over the last few months, but I just didn’t want to let it die on the vine over time. 

I guess when it all comes down to it, I needed a spot to write about stuff that interests me – the same as ram prices once did and  rather than reinvent the wheel  a name change seemed easier. 

And  I think it’s a very good name and the new domain costs me $60.00 a year, so there’s that too . redirects to here so the only change really is the name and the style, type and scope of the content moving forward. 

If you did come here looking for ram prices, I still have a handy chart that will allow you to find the ram you need for your Mac.  

Thanks for a great 20 years – Jim

A Decade of Soldered RAM

Ten Years.

Boy does time go fast. I was reading this morning that it’s been 10 years of the MacBook Air  and I realized that the MacBook Air introduction was the beginning of the end and now in 2018 with a few exceptionsit’s all soldered RAM on Apple computers.

say goodbye to ram upgrades

At first I thought that this was a bad thing, and I think it was in the days of MacBook Air models shipping with just 2GB of RAM but now the standard config is 8GB I think that for most users 8GB is enough – I know it is for me.

I know that if you’re a power user or pro then a MacBook Air with 8GB might not be enough ram for you but for the most of us it is. Soldered RAM gives us the ability to have computers like the MacBook Air which I doubt we would have otherwise.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that the PowerBook G4 at 1 inch thick was the epitome of thin  for a laptop computer but the MacBook Air and it’s lack of ram upgrades combined with the removal of the CD drive changed that and now almost every other notebook today is a MacBook Air clone.

So it seems like we’re stuck with soldered ram for the future as even the last notebook from Apple you could upgrade the RAM on is now 6 years old.  In a way I miss the ram upgrades and the prices I tracked but overall I think that soldered ram is good.

I know some of you that want to tinker or squeeze every last drop out of their Mac will disagree but  I bet a lot of consumers just buy a MacBook Air and use it without having to worry about upgrades.

Upgrades were a hassle. Yes, you could double the ram from the amount that shipped from Apple but it was costly, confusing on what ram you needed to buy and in some cases you got bad ram or bought it from shady vendor. All this goes away with  Soldered RAM.

Yes, RAM upgrades from Apple are  a lot of money and you could do better with third party ram but I think that applied more in the earlier years. Sure, you pay more for a Macbook Air but not enough where I think that if you needed a Mac with maxed out RAM it matters. If you’re going to pay over a grand for a Mac, what’s another hundred bucks or so to future proof it for a few more years?

Soldered RAM is here to stay. The days of ram upgrades for  your mac are over.

How Much Does a MacBook Pro Cost?

Expect to pay about $1200.00 and up for a brand new 2018 MacBook Pro (check prices)

Apple computers have never been cheap and the latest MacBook Pro is no exception.

These new MacBook Pro models come in a few configurations, both with a ‘touch bar’ and without and in 2 sizes, 13.3 inches and 15 inches.

The MSRP on the MacBook Pros are as follows:

2.3GHz Processor with 128GB Storage – $1299.00

2.3GHz Processor with 128GB Storage – $1499.00

Touch Bar and Touch ID with 3.1GHz Processor and  256GB Storage – $1799.00

As you can see, the fastest MacBook Pro for 2018 is close to $2000.00. I think that is a lot of money for a computer you cannot upgrade. But for some, it’s chump change and these obviously sell but my days of spending 2 grand on a Mac are over.

2.2GHz Processor with 256GB Storage – $1999.00

Touch Bar and Touch ID with 2.8GHz Processorand 256GB Storage – $2399.00

Touch Bar and Touch ID with 2.9Ghz Processor and 512GB of Storage – $2799.00

All of these MacBook Pro computers are powerful, and ad all the benefits of using a Mac offers, but the big question  for me is are they worth it? As I write this I am using a Lenovo Thinkpad and yet all my  apps are web apps so in my use case, using a Mac would be overkill.

If it were my money and for all that I do I would buy the cheap MacBook Pro without the touch bar and be very happy with  my decision.