How Much Does a Computer Monitor Cost?

It’s amazing how far the prices for computer monitors have dropped over the years. What used to cost thousands of dollars for just one monitor can now be bought for less than $100

Of course, the monitor you can buy for $100 might be cheap, it’s still a bit small. For example, the HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor   is cheap but I would prefer one a little bigger. I forget where, but I read that about 28 inches is the perfect monitor size for everday use on a desk.

When it comes to 28 inch monitors there are many from all makes like Samsung, LG etc but if I had to choose I think that right now the best deal might be this Asus 27 inch monitor that’s under $200.00. It has all the fixings one would need: Full HD resolution, speakers and HDMI ports for connecting to your devices.

4K monitors  are nice but they are pricey and then you have to worry about scaling in the OS will work right. Also, they cost more with 4k monitors starting at about $300 for a 27 inch monitor.   and of course going up.

There are bigger monitors too in 4k with screen sizes going up to 43 inches, but for the  most part these are too expensive for me to consider right now. Also, you need the desk space.

I think that a full HD monitor in a 27 inch size is probably the best bang for the buck and my choice right now would be the  Dell Professional P2717H. I have owned Dell monitors in the past and they always seem to be bright and sharp and I have had no problems with them so if I was to do it all over again that would be the best monitor for me