How Much Does a Chromebook Cost?

Answer: from about $150.00 and up to over $1000 for premium models.

I suggest the Asus C302CA Chromebook. It’s not the cheapest  but in my opinion offers the best bang for the buck of the current Chromebook options.

Chromebooks, for the most part have been known to be pretty cheap in the past with the best selling chromebooks averaging about $250.00 for  a small portable chromebook like the Acer R11

and for the price this really is one of the best chromeooks you can buy. It’s  cheap (ish), is durable and although not the fastest you can buy it’s fast enough and a bonus is that you can use this as a tablet too (albeit, it’s a bit on the heavy side).

Cheaper Chromebooks

If $250.00 is  too much for you to spend ther are even cheaper options like the Samsung Chrombook. At about $180.00, it’s cheaper than some other chrombooks like the Acer above, but if you just need a more traditional computer without flip or touch features then the samsung can be a good choice if you just need a cheap and small computer for everyday stuff like web browsin and email and the like.

Chromebooks for Power Users

What if you need a laptop to get some work done, but you’re still okay living in the ChromeOS ecosystem but you don’t want a plastic computer that looks like a toy?

You have a few options and the pricing ranges from about $350.00 to $550 dollars for what is still a very nice computer and in a lot of cases can be had for under $500 on sale.

The Asus C302 you see above is priced at about $450.00 usually from various  online vendors and in my opinion looks like it could have come from Apple, instead of it being a Chromebook. The aluminum body with faster M3 processor make for a great combination of form and function

Chromebooks over $500.00

Yes, you can spend over $500 on a chromebook with some like Google’s new Pixelbook costing $1000 or more, but these are more luxury items than everyday so unless you have got money to burn, I would say either the Acer R11 or the Asus C302CA are your best bets for choosing a Chromebook in 2017.

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