2012 Vegetable Garden Surprises

**Update:** The big green thing below we thought was sign of a pea may be a weed afterall. I told you we were no gardeners. The good news is that there are what we think is a real row of peas coming up. > >

I can’t lie. I really did not have a lot of  hope for the veggie garden we created last weekend. Our green thumb skills are absolutely zero and the ground we used was far from superior: I lifted the cement tiles that were the floor of our dog kennel and below that was gravel and then below that is red clay - not exactly the most welcoming environment for a veggie garden, even with the help of $100 worth of store bought dirt.

But, wouldn’t you know that less than a week later, we have signs of life in our very first garden. Saturday morning, before breakfast I  went out  to see what I can see and I couldn’t believe it but we have signs of life in our garden.

We have Peas


and beets

and tomatoes all showing signs of life, and amazingly the dog doesn’t really seem to have much  interest in it yet, but the neighbour tells us we have bunnies so perhaps we’re celebrating a tad early. Not shown, but there’s some melons and carrots starting to poke up through the dirt too.

I’ve also hired these guys to keep an eye on the garden, but they seem to be more interested in the earthworms in our lawn:

So, it looks like we might have a veggie or two out of our garden yet..