2012 Apple MacBook Pro 16GB Memory Upgrades

As I noted back in August, it was just a matter of time until 16GB RAM, MacBook Pro Memory Upgrades specifically would be available to buy online and it looks as if that day has finally come with 16GB for MacBook Pro Kits being available and now they not only offer 8GB Memory Upgrade Kits for the 2011 MacBook Pros, but also 16GB too which is the big deal when it comes to new RAM Upgrades for the New MacBooks. Also, Amazon is another store you can buy 16GB MacBook Pro RAM, and at time of

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The best deal on RAM from for the new MacBook Pro’s are in my opinion now the 16GB option which maxes out your MacBook Pro to way beyond what Apple recommends as maximum memory, which was 8GB to 16GB.

This 16GB RAM upgrade is compatible with all Apple MacBook Pros that require 1600Mhz DDR3 SDRAM sodimms,and to get to the maximum of 16GB of RAM you will need to buy 8GBx2 as there are still only two memory upgrade slots available for RAM upgrades int the new MBP’s but if you either have bought a MacBook Pro or in the market to buy a MacBook Pro you should upgrade the RAM to at least the maximum that Apple recommends which is 8GB.

The best RAM upgrade for the MacBook Pro is the 16GB ram option, because if you are upgrading MacBook Pro memory you may as well do it right and do it once and buy 16GB of MacBook Pro RAM if you can afford to.