15" Apple MacBook Pro 2009 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM 250GB MC118LL/A

This used 2009 Apple MacBook Pro sells for about $400 on sale, but if you’re patient you can usually find one for less. This particular model seems to be in pretty good shap and it’s priced out a little more.

Replace the Hard Drive

This particular MacBook Pro comes with 4GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. The spinner hard drives on these models were fast in their day but you should add a SSD drive for much faster performance. A 250GB replacement SSD shouldn’t cost you more than $100.00 or so.

Add More RAM

This MacBook Pro ships with 4GB, but about $50.00 would get you double that to 8GB and max out the ram you can can use.

Replace the Battery

This is a 2009 MacBook Pro so chances are the battery has seen some use. 2009 MacBook Pro batteries cost about $35.00 for a third party battery

Need a Charger?

Some computers you buy might not come with a charger, but that’s easily remedied with a new charger for the 2009 Macbook Pro and will cost about $20.00

Total 2009 MacBook Pro Upgrade Cost

Assuming you paid $400 for the MacBook Pro the RAM, Battery and SSD upgrades would set you back another $185.00 bringing the total cost for a 2009 MacBook Pro to just under $600.00 for a maxed out model with a fast SSD. If you do need a charger then you are over that price by another $20.00

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