1333Mhz DDR3 Memory for Your iMac On Sale Every Day

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[table id=2 /]DDR3 RAM for iMac has been the default memory type for the popular Apple desktop computer for some time now. Until earlier this summer the Apple iMacs used and required only one type of DDR3 RAM : DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM so-dimms.

But with the release of the newest Apple iMacs in the summer of 2010, Apple introduced a new memory requirement that not only used faster ram speed than prior iMacs but also allowed the iMac to use and recognize up to 16GB of RAM.

DDR3 1333MHz memory upgrades are what is required for the newest Apple iMacs when it comes to memory upgrades for Apple’s latest computer.

Buying DDR3 memory from Apple, in my opinion is not a good way to save your hard earned money and you can do better on the price if you buy either generic or even name brand memory for the Apple iMacs from a trusted third party memory store.

DDR3 memory price for Apple iMac continue to drop in price over time, and just about two years ago, upgrading your Apple iMac to 8GB would  cost you as much as the desktop itself. But as the DDR3 RAM technology becomes more popular the prices for DDR3 RAM just get cheaper and cheaper.

DDR3 RAM Prices for iMac

I monitor both DDR3 1066MHz and DDR3 1333Mhz memory upgrades in both memory upgrade kit form as some memory stores prefer to market the RAM for iMacs in this fashion as there’s a good chance you will buy 2 or more iMac memory modules to install at the same time to maximize your iMac’s memory. But I also list DDR3 iMac RAM prices for individual memory uprades for  iMac as well. I suggest you check both to get the best deal on your DDR3 RAM upgrade purchase.