128GB SSD Solid State Hard Drive Prices

With the prices for solid state drives continuing to drop over time, this just might be the year where 128GB SSD drives become affordable for folks like you and I. In the past, due to the newness of the SSD technology, you would pay a very high price for an 128gb solid state drive, or SSD drive of any kind but now they are slowly becoming the default choice when it comes to buying a hard drive, either as a replacement hard drive or installed at the factory in a brand new notebook.

128GB SSD Prices

**128GB SSD Brands


Crucial Technology SSD Drives is one of the more popular brands when it comes to buying a solid state hard drive on sale and with prices for 128GB ssd’s hovering real close to $100 now they’re cheap enough too.

**OCZ Vertex **is another very popular SSD Drive choice, and now with the latest update to version 4 you can achieve speeds of up to 120K IOPS – one of the fastest solid state hard drives you can buy today.

Samsung 830 Series Solid State Drives are another choice when buying a SSD hard drive in the 128GB format and with a household name like Samsung this might be considered the best solid state brand.

There are many different brands for SSD drives, especially in the 128GB size as this is the solid state hard drive size that’s the most affordable, yet still offers enough storage space for your everyday computing needs, the solid state hard drives listed above are just a taste of the current solid state drives on sale