100 Plus

Hey,  I just noticed that this is my 102nd entry here on Tidy Husband. I’ve written over 100 articles here - An anniversary of sorts and when you think about it, it only took me about a year. I’ve written 55,000 words here. That’s a novel’s length.

Meanwhile, in the USA…

The Dog and I have been busy: First up, we weeded the garden. Not the best job I know, but better than before and there’s lots of time to make another attempt. I took the shovel, dug everyting up and then took the rake and raked out all the weeds. Our weed puller was useless as the weeds were many, but not big to grab with the weed puller. Regardless, BW is in Argentina and I’m pulling weeds. Heh, if you’d have told me 3 years ago my condo living self would be living in the US pulling weeds with a dog by your side, I’d tell you were crazy.. never say never.


And if that wasn’t enough outdoor activity we also did this;

**Before: **




Can you tell the difference?

That’s right -** I got rid of the dog!** ?

Okay, Okay, the dog is still here and fine but we did cut that little tree/hedge/stump down to a more reasonable size. It was due for it’s annual haircut. Now, by ‘we’ I mean I cut the tree down and thedog sat in the shade and directed.

Other news…

BW, I watered your plants today but I think it’s going to rain on us later if the black clouds in the sky are any indicator.

I went to stain the deck chairs but two problems arose: One, we don’t have enough stain left in the can we have and when I went to home depot they don’t have any stain either they don’t sell the stuff we have any more. So screw it,  you can help me go to the home depot with me when you get back BW, and we can pick out a color for these things when you get back. I have to save some fun for you…

But, I did buy a tube of caulking and I’m going to make my very first attempt at this tomorrow. Pictures to follow.

Othewise, a trip to the grocery store (I love blueberry season)  and a lap of the house with vacuum and  a mop with a dog walk added in there for good measure and it’s 8:30pm and here’s post 102 wrapped up.

Until next time,

TH & co.