One Hundred True Fans


It’s been said that if you have 1000 true fans you will be able to build/have an audience. I think at this point 1000 true fans of this site would be very optimistic.

So, I have set my sights on 100, which at this point still seems a long way away. But it’s worth trying.

If there’s a goal I want to have for the remainder of the year is to write more I know I have said this in the past but I have always had other distractions (like a newborn and other stressors) but lately I have been reading more and as such, want to write more.

Once I get going I actually enjoy writing - even if it’s just stream of consiousness like this post - at least it gets me in the habit which is more than what has happened recently.

Part of the problem I have is OMG SO TIRED after a day so I am unsure of the when and what to write so I, just don’t

I hope to change this - perhaps with this site, and perhaps with other sites but I really, really do want to write more - even if it’s hard and I would rather do other stuff.

So, the question is…can I get 100 true fans? I will need to add more content than what is available now that’s for sure.

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