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squoosh app


This is google’s new app that makes images smaller for web hosting. Using this saves you time and money as your web pages load faster and it takes less time to work with smaller images. I use it in my workflow for this site and I grab the original image, upload it to this app that works right in your browser and download the ‘sqooshed’ and much smaller file to my images folder on my computer.

It’s taken me a few tries to get the bugs out of my current workflow but using this app makes my site load faster and that’s a good thing.

baby no scratch mittens

baby mittens

I wouldn’t want our bundle of joy to scratch her face so we now have these in her house ready for use! The Amazon reviews on these seem to be so-so, so will have to see if they actually work. I think the key will be whether they stay on as this seems to be the one complaint about these mittens.

These look to be pretty good.

2018 Apple Mac Mini RAM Prices

2018 Mac Mini

The 2018 Apple Mac Mini is out and lo and behold it will actually accept a memory upgrade all the way up to 64GB!

I don’t really track prices any more but here’s a few places that have the ram upgrades in stock for Apple’s cheapest Mac. :

the crib sheets

best crib sheet

Crib? Check Crib Mattress? Check Crib Sheets? Now we have them

It just dawned on me that a baby doesn’t probably need a top sheet because well, they have little baby blankets. ( I think we have some of those already - have to check.) and it’s probably not a good idea to have them all tangled up in sheets. Heck, if I can’t seem to figure out sheets, why would expect a baby to?

Anyway, these are here. Two of em. At about ten bucks a pop too, so not so pricey.

We got the AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Fitted Crib Sheet

the crib mattress


I really assumed somehow that considering the size of the thing and combined with the fact that it cost over $200 that the crib would include a mattress.


Thankfully we have one family member who bought the crib and another who bought the mattress. Making a family really is a family affair both emotionally and financially it seems.

Good thing too because these seem to go for about $50.00-$100. I am not sure what mattress we have costs, but still. This crib is over $300.00 now. And we are still not done. This baby stuff gets expensive fast.