The Free Playhouse for Kids


Today was our lucky day. Despite all the coronavirus bad news we are still people at heart, and as luck would have it this was in our future today.

We were out for a family walk around the block when we saw our neighbor aroudn the corner dragging this playhouse to the curb. We stopped and talked to him and he said it was ours if we wanted it.

The trouble was, there was no way we could get it home. “No problem” he said and he tossed it in his pickup truck and delivered it to our house while we finished our walk around the block and when we returned there was a plastic playhouse in our driveway.

We managed to place it next to our platic shed as the foundation from our old shed was still there so it’s a nice solid footing for her new playhouse. All it needs is a good cleaning and it’s a little faded by the sun but we don’t care as it would get faded anyway over time.

This is a great deal (hard to beat free) as this would have cost us about $200 new.

She might not get much use out of it this year as she’s still a little one but perhaps the summer of 2021 will be a better time for all the world to play anyway.

The Rash


If the fever wasn’t enough, now the little one has a rash to deal with. Due to the coronavirus our pediatrician is not seeing patients at all and the best I can get from them is to use their ‘portal’ to email them, which sucks because it’s really hard to explain how a rash looks.

Anyway, it started a few days ago but it was isolated to a small part of her back and looked just a spot of dry skin so I thought ‘meh’ whatever. But yesterday it really blossomed to be an entire rash over her back that was growing up her neckline and behind her ears.

Thankfully, even with the crappy portal we did her back from the pediatrician and they suggested hydrocortisone cream and after an overnight I have to say that the rash looks better. Not great, but better. I hope with some more applications of cream she’ll be back to normal in no time.

Also, it looks like most of the fever has broken for the ladies in the house so that’s a good thing too. Now all we need to do is survive the stay at home orders.

Be safe.

Living with Less Stuff


I’ve been tripping over stuff in my home office for some time now and as much I like stuff, there’s a time when it’s all just too much and I think I have gotten there. Epsecially when it comes to using my computer for what I do.

It used to be that one would need a fast computer for editing photo and videos but my phone has replaced my computer now and the only computer I need for actually creating stuff is a very simple computer - and for me, that’s my Chromebook.

I have used MacOS forever and have dabbled with Linux which I actually prefer over MacOS becuase it seems to get out of the way more and actually allow you to work.

I write this blog in markdown and then use jekyll to publish this site via Google firebase because for my use case it’s free. Well, close. It costs me 3 cents for monthly storage costs so not *completely free but really close.

One other aspect about using just my Chromebook instead of other methods is that I just use one computer as opposed to juggling. It just got to be too much with all the cables.

I have one cable from my Chromebook to connect to my dock which is hooked up to external monitors and drives, etc and this makes it easy to grab the Chromebook and go, and then when I need a fullsized monitor and keyboard I just plug in one cable for power and all accessories. It really is a nice system.

I do this. I need to have all the things and then once I do have them all I realized I only needed one or at most, two to get stuff done.

So there you have it. Sent from my Chromebook.

The Fever


As if it wasn’t stressfull enough with the entire family having to stay indoors for at least another month, now 2 out of 3 are sick in this house.

BW has a fever of 101 -point something and so does the pumpkin, and that’s the real scary part: Adults can dose themselves and diagnose themselves for the most part, but infants can’t and all you can do is guess what is wrong and it’s hard. It’s hard to parent while sick and it’s hard to parent when your kiddo is sick too.

Heck, it’s hard to parent. So, back to the fever:

It started a few days for the wifey and to be honsest we just went ‘meh’ because we figured that it was just well, a cold and few days of r and r combined with some Tylenol and we sould be back to our old ways of annoying each other, but it seems she just can’t shake it yet.

With the little one, she started to get fussy about noon today but it took her until about 3pm after I managed to settle down and take a bit of a nap that we realized that she too had a fever.

For those that are counting along: that’s 2/3 of the occupants.

Thankfully, all of us are breatyhing well and except for this fever we have no other symptoms of COVID-19..

According to the site, we should seek medical treatment:

If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately. Emergency warning signs include*:

Trouble breathing Persistent pain or pressure in the chest New confusion or inability to arouse Bluish lips or face *This list is not all inclusive. Please consult your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.

And we are all breathing just fine here thank you very much. :)

Hopefully all this fever stuff will pass soon and just a bit of Tylenol will fix all of our ills.

Stay safe out there!