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My Current Workflow


I thought I would write a bit on my current workflow using a $5 digital ocean droplet, Jekyll for writing and publishing and firebase hosting for serving this site.

I had thought about using Wordpress but once you try blogging with a static website it’s really hard to go back to using a CMS like Wordpress and worry about plugins and caching and security risks. I had been hacked before using Wordpress and let me tell you it’s a pain in the butt to try and get un-hacked.

When I use Jekyll and static sites all this goes away. Wordpress might be easier to use as you can blog and write from pretty much anwyhere but it comes with a lot of overhead I don’t really need. My posts are text and some images and so I really don’t need all the extras that Wordpress provides.

Did I mention that I get free hosting? I could have an entirely free site if I opted out of the digital ocean server and just use my local computer but I like the fact that all my stuff is just on one server that I can login to and use any computer rather than having to sync files across computers. Also, the servers are fast which cuts down on the build times.

If I was to complain about using Jekyll, it’s the time it takes to “build” this site. With almost 800 posts here and lots of images it takes about 15 seconds to build which isn’t bad at all but if I’m to continue with this site the times will get longer and longer over time. For now 15 seconds isn’t a big deal and is an excuse for a coffee break.

Once my site is built, the other thing that takes a bit of time is uploading the site to firebase. It’s gotten better over the years as now it “hashes” the files to figure out what files are new and what files need to be uploaded but this take time to do so you want to be sure your site is the way you want it before you send your updated site.

I could actually serve the site from my digital ocean server but that requires setting up web server software on the server itself and except for the wait times with firebase it’s kind of hard to beat having your site served on Google’s servers for free.

This isn’t to say I might (and probably will) switch things up over time. I would love a replacement for Jekyll to speed up build times and there are advantages to having a wordpress site but for now I’m liking the setup I have.



It’s not every day you see your name written on the hood of a pickup truck

Casper Pillows

casper pillow

Technically these are not for the baby as she’s not here yet but these are for Mom. Considering that BW has spent the last week in a very uncomfortable hospital bed I guess spending $150 or more on 2 pillows is a fair trade.

Casper Pillows are not cheap



I met Julia today. She’s 9 months old and has beatiful big eyes and very nice suede boots. We also share the same birthday as well, so that’s kind of cool too.

Silica Gel. Do Not Eat


Or… wash in the washing machine.

Good Lord, what a mess

BW is in the hospital again. (that in itself is an entirely different story) and as a treat she bought herself some pregnancy PJ’s as a bit of treat and as well she needed another pair anyway. So they arrived today and when they did I tossed them in the wash before she wore them for the first time because nobody likes to wear crunchy new pajamas.

This is where the fun starts. I went to’flip’ them into the dryer and when i pulled the clothes out I thought “what the heck?”

It seems I missed one of those little silica gel tablets they put in new stuff. They usually just put them in shoes and the like, so I really hadn’t thought that there would be one in a pair of pyjamas.

I was wrong. I tried just drying the clothes in the dryer anyway thinking that when it was dry that the ‘gel’ would just collect in the lint trap and I would be able to just clean the lint trap when done, but nope.

I had to run the washing machine empty for a load to get all the gel out of the washer and the dryer was even a bigger mess. It had the gel everywhere. It was a weird consistency too - it wasn’t solid yet it wasn’t liquid either. In the end it took about half an hour to wipe and vacuum out the dryer and then another hour or so to re-wash the load of laundry.

Today’s public service announcement is to check pockets before you toss stuff in the washing machine - even with new clothes - because you never know what might be missed.