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the crib

It begins. The baby stuff, that is.

I wrote yesterday how life will soon change for BW and I and now I guess it gets to be a little mor real because now there’s a crib in the baby’s room.

Here’s what we bought

baby crib

This is just the beginning.

It took my father-in-law and I an embarrassingly long time to get the thing put together only to realize that it would not fit through the door to the baby’s room. After taking it apart and then re-assembling it it finally is in the baby’s room. Now all we need is a baby to put in it.

Also, these things are expensive! If you factor in how much a baby is in size and the size of the bed to the my size and the size of my bed I bet I’m paying more per square foot for the kid than I am for my own bed.

assembled crib

It’s kind of jammed in the corner for the time being but as the baby room is still technically a guest room, but we’re working on it.

Now that first item for the baby is in house - I got to thinking…I wonder how much more crap we are going to have in the house over the years? Only one way to find out, and that’s to track all the stuff that enters the house. We’re still months away from the child arriving and already we have more stuff than the crib.

Tell family you’re having a baby and the stuff justs starts to come. You don’t even have to ask.

Oh, BTW this crib is the the Delta Children Tribeca 4-in-1 Baby Convertible Crib

Boppy Newborn Hello Baby Lounger


This entered the house today. (baby not included). In my dreams, I will put junior on the floor happily gurgling away with the dog on the carpet and me typing away at this site.

What will most likely happen is the baby will not have anything to do with this plan and will be screaming away while the dog thinking that this is a new dog bed for her. My exhausted body will not get any writing done.

Also, when I bought it I did not realize that it’s only for 0-4 months old. Maybe the dog will get a new dog bed after all.

We’ll see.

Buy your own Boppy here. They cost about $28.00

End of an Era

Also - a beginning of a new one. More on that in a bit …

But first..


You are looking at at the very last piece of candy in this house and all I can say it’s about time. I have enough trouble saying no to a slice (or two) of pie and having all this candy in the house is not the regular lifestyle I want to have.

Speaking of lifestyles..

That’s what I have decided this site will be about - a ‘lifestyle’ or mommy blog or personal blog or whatever you want to call it. This will be about me (because, the domain name is my name) and my family and our adventures.

If you hit the archives and scroll a bit you will see that I already have combined my posts from my older personal blog onto this site. and so in a way I am just consolidating two sites into one as I don’t have time to maintain more than one site right now and ram prices are pretty stable and I have written before why I don’t bother tracking them much anymore

I don’t want to give up blogging/webmastering or whatever this is called (rambling?) so I am going to write here about things as mundane as all the candy from Halloween is finally gone to much more bigger life changing events - like this:

here she comes

The photo above is the life changer. We had tried for years and years and years to make this happen and then just when we had given up, it finally did . :) Life is weird.

At time of writing junior is at 23 weeks and counting so not much longer now. And because I’m old and now realize how fast time slips away I want to start documenting the event. (read: get ready for lots of baby photos) because as they say - they grow up so fast.

It’s been said that you should write about your passion, and lately my passion has been well, this soon to be baby. I had thought about writing about tech or blogging but both are boring and have been done over and over again and I would only be trying to make a quick buck on commissions or something anyway so I doubt I could add any real value to the Internet.

This time around, I want to add value and the value add is writing about trying to navigate this strange new world.

Bu I figure that if I write about the trials and tribulations of being a parent when you’re over fifty I think that there will never be lack of content. I don’t even know what the future holds but I bet it will be an adventure and I want to be able to share it here.

away from tech


I have been working or blogging or webmastering or developing or whatever you want to call it for twenty years now.

It’s time for a change.

New technology from Apple or IBM or whatever the darling company is right now doesn’t thrill me like it once did. There was a time when I would devour every apple site like macsurfer and macintouch for the latest news and I would subscribe to every magazine and read them (including the ads!) cover to cover.

I also used to monitor ram prices a lot more closer than I do now and even that got old after a while. Once the MacBook Air arrived it was all over for my enthusiasm for Apple products as they were no longer upgradeable and have become essentially appliances.

Appliances. That’s what I feel tech has become. Despite the spin the marketers would like you to believe almost any old computer or phone will do. Sure, spend more money and get a better screen and keyboard and specs but now I tend to live in the browser or the command line and I can do both on my Google Pixelbook..

I have had this computer for close to a year and I have NO desire to upgrade at any point soon. Same goes for my phone. It’s last year’s phone and for the first year in a long time I have zero interest in an upgrade. The electronics I have work fine thankyouverymuch.

I sound like an old guy (i am), but I kind of miss the good old days when you never knew what would work and you would spend hours and hours troubleshooting extensions on your mac or trying to figure out when you connected your scanner your hard drive would be erased. It was frustrating as all hell and I spent many a late night trying to figure it all out.

But now my phone and computer and most other tech I have is thin enough, fast enough and well…enough.

I want to start focusing on some other interests for this site. I am not sure exactly what I want to pivot to but I have an idea - I just need a bit more time to think it through but I am pretty sure its the direction I am going to take this site.

But for now, the gear I have is just fine. It works.


I found this keyword search tool that’s free and looks interesting. You can download the results to a .csv so you can import them into spreadsheet for more fine tuning of your keyword research.