All Her Stuff


I have been meaning to do this and I think I just might: take an inventory of all her stuff as it enters (and leaves) the house. I think I will concentrate on the stuff like books and toys and accessories moreso than clothing.

With clothing, by the time I start to write about it all she will have outgrown it.

I started a list a while back when she was just a wee one and even then the stuff she had was getting to be quite the list and now she has so much more in just a few months, it’s kind of embarrassing.

But, it’s something I am interested in, the stuff. It seems to be organic and multiply overnight in your sleep and before you know it she has more books and toys and flotsam and jetsam that you know what to do with.

These will just be every few days and probably when we haven’t done anything interesting as there are a lot of day she justs eats and sleeps still. Not every day can be an instagram day.

I’m undecided whether to post about every thing or just add to the list. For some things like the rubber duck above it’s pretty much what you see. It’s a rubber duck. It floats and has a temperature sensor on the bottom so you don’t get the water too hot.

I don’t think I can write more than a sentence or two about a rubber duck but then maybe that’s the challenge now that I think of it: to write about the mundane toys and crap that come into our world over time as she gets older and older.

We shall see.

In the meantime, here’s the list so far

The First Tooth


She’s right on target with her first tooth at a bit over 8 months. BW was the first to find it. I had thought she might be getting a tooth but wasn’t sure.

The past few days she would not take a full bottle and pushed it away after eating 3/4 at the most and now I think the tooth was rubbing on the nipple and she couldn’t get through the bottle without pain. I’m happy to report that now that the tooth has emerged she’s eating well again.

She’s also reaching more for stuff so you can’t pluck her down without making sure everything is out of reach which can be a challenge.

She had a bath tonight (see above photo for the ‘why’) and she now sits up in the bath and I’m pretty sure that’s not how it was designed to be used, so we will have to get her a new bathtub. The rubber duck is a hit though and she would spend all day in there I bet if I let her. She’s a water baby, that’s to be sure.

Back to the tooth: You can feel it more than you can see it but I’m glad it’s out and my little one is feeling better. For the past few days I have clipped this teether to her shirt and it seems that now that the tooth is out she has more interest in it than before but at six bucks, it’s one of the cheaper teething products and I love the fact that she can chew on the little beads on the strings as well as the actual toy.

She’s also sleeping better and had an hour and half nap today for Mom while I was at work and that’s something that doesn’t happen much so it was a relatively easy day.

Our Very First Swimming Lessons


We had our first swim lesson today, and it was a big event for both Espy and I let me tell you. :)

You see, she had not swam ever(besides in the womb) and yours truly can’t swim at all and it’s been some time since I’ve been in the womb and I would have forgotten by now anyway..All this to say that this was very big day for us both.

I need to say that before I go any further that this was BW’s idea to have our daughter learn to swim. It’s a good idea and I have no argument there but I did not think that it would be me in the pool with our daughter.

I had assumed that swimming lessons would be like ballet lessons: you drop off your kid for half an hour and go to Starbucks, but nooooo.. as I learned when I called, a parent had to be there with her when she learns to swim. Now that I think of it, it makes sense, but there goes my starbucks run as it seems I will be in the pool.

In the Beginning..

Back when the wee one was just an idea, the deal with BW was that she would be the one to take the kiddo to swim lessons because yours truly doesn’t swim.

But. (there’s always a but)

As the primary caregiver it seems I am in charge of this task because..

  1. I’m not working
  2. BW said so

So off I went to Target to find a new swimsuit. It’s white and blue and it was half price because there’s not a lot of demand for a swimsuit in October it seeems.

With Child, Swimsuits and a fair bit of apprehension, off we went to the swim class. For the first lesson, BW came along becuase she wanted to see how she did but from now on it’s just me and my little amigo. Every Wed at 4:30, we will both be in the pool.

It wasn’t all that bad. BW got a photo of us both in the pool but there’s no way a photo of me shirtless is going on the internet. You can thank me later.

As far as the lessons went, Espy did great. She was dunked more than once with no complaints and had a great time the entire half an hour. The instructors and staff are great and patient and seem to know what they are talking about and share the intended result should be with whatever exercise they are doing.

All in All it was a good time, and we both did better than expected. I though it would be Espy who had the meltdown in the pool and BW thought it would be me. :)

Turns out we were both wrong.

Shop for infant bathing suits on Amazon.

The Rubber Duck

rubber duck

Our first bath toy arrived today and of course, it’s a rubber duck


I hadn’t really planned on buying her a rubber duck quite yet but I was out and about looking for a swimsuit for me and I saw this and considering it was less than three dollars I figured: what the heck.

And boy oh boy, is it a hit. If I had known she would have enjoyed this duck so much I would have done this long ago. It’s her favorite toy and considering I should be able to get a few years of use out of the rubber duck then it’s just pennies a month for some entertainment in the bath.

baby bathtub

She’s also getting too big for the baby bathtub we have for her and we only bought it in June! The next tub I guess will be something like this but it’s another $30 so we will hold off for a few weeks. It seems we just get an item for her and she outgrows it!

tiny love mobile

Case in point: This Tiny Love Mobile cost us $24.00 and now that she outgrew it I thought I would try and sell it on eBay but I only ended up getting two dollars for it! Had I known, I would have just donated it to the Goodwill

So there you have it. If you’re looking to buy a rubber duck for your little one it’s highly recommended.

The Switch to YouTube Music


Well, it seems the end of Google Play Music is near. In recent weeks there have been announcements that this would happen as the default music app is now YouTube Music .

In a way it’s too bad because I liked to use Google Play Music but after some tweaking and setup, I have made the switch. YouTube Music isn’t perfect by any means but to be honest it will do for me.

I’m a paid subscriber on the family plan for Google Play Music and for the most part financially nothing is really changed. In that price, I still get Google Play Music, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. All these changes don’t seem to cost anything more (or less).

One of the advantages of GPM was the fact that I could upload all my music and play both my music and the streaming music available and although nice, I don’t really miss it as I don’t have the time to tweak and manage music playlists as once had.

I guess I should have seen this coming: GPM hadn’t been updated in a while and was looking a bit dated and YTM seems fine. I’m not heavily invested in playlists and the like as I usually just start a radio or listen to a full album so there’s really not much change for me there either.

YTM allows me to still download some music to my phone so I can listen to music at work and not have to ‘stream’ and jack up my data usage.

YTM isn’t perfect, but it’s fine. I might as well get used to it.

One complaint I do have is there doesn’t seem to be desktop player. This isn’t the end of the world either as my phone is always with me and I can stream or even plug in a set of headphones because my current phone has a headphone jack!