The Changing Table

As we are getting closer to the due date (t-minus 59 days!) it also means I have to get off my ass and make sure we have a room for the baby ready.

BW picked this out and it matches the crib because god forbid we have a non color coordinated baby room

Here’s the finished product.

I only had to take it apart once to get it right.

It’s great that you can buy stuff cheap on Amazon but this is far from perfect. Some of holes for the screws were too small so I had to force the screw. This was and is a manufacturing defect because it only applied to one corner. It’s NOT my fault or lack of reading the instructions.

Anyway. It’s together, and without any extra screws or parts so that’s a win in my books. 🙂

I’m not real confident leaving the baby on this for any length of time but according to the warnings you’re not supposed to anyway as that’s not what it was designed for.

I’m pretty sure the idea is to get that dirty diaper off and into the diaper pail real fast and then take the freshly diapered kiddo to a more pleasing area in the house where the room doesn’t smell like poo.

So…there you have it. About $100 shipped for this engineering disaster.

This is the one we ended up with:

Modern Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper

This brings the total baby stuff to about $900.00 worth of stuff for the kiddo so far.

The Dog Bed

Man, do I hate the dog bed.

She doesn’t seem to mind it as much

Every week or so I am tasked with what could be my least favorite household duty: wash the dog’s bed

You would think that BW does this but the dog bed is so large and so unwieldy that it needs me to take care of this disaster.

As you can imagine we don’t have the self-cleaning dog and despite the fact that we pay good money at the groomers to get her cleaned and bathed regularly after a few weeks both her and the bed she sleeps in is pretty nasty.

So, the bed gets washed when she gets washed. Otherwise it’s just a waste of fifty bucks at the groomers. The problem is that this bed is HUGE compared to the size of the dog. It’s the equivalent of having a king bed for one person.

I don’t really care about the size so much as it’s just a piece of memory foam with a canvas cover, it’s the fact that it’s tricky to get the foam off the cover and near impossible to get the cover back on !

Allow me to illustrate:

Imagine you have a pair of jeans that are just a touch too snug (not that I would know anything about this), but instead of just trying to squeeze your legs in, pretend you’re wearing a foam suit (stay with me here)

You will find in a big hurry that foam and canvas don’t really go well together. It’s not like the foam just slips right in. You have to pull the canvas cover but it doesn’t slide on the foam well. You then try to push on the foam but that doesn’t really work either as the foam is not stiff enough

What happens is you end up swearing and cursing and pushing and pulling and grunting until finally, finally you have the stupid dog bed put together again for a few days until it’s time to do it all over again.

Both the Dog and I hate bath day for different reasons it seems.

Week 31

31 weeks of coughing with no end in sight.

The Last Pie of 2018

Forget Champagne – Pie is a great way to end the year.

Carter’s Onesies

now all we need is a baby to wear them

Blogging from Google Docs

Using Google Docs to write your blog posts with allow you to save your posts without fear of them disappearing down the road

Carter’s Baby Burp Cloths


The baby burp cloths are one of those things I don’t really understand why you would pay for them when a good old tea towel would do and much cheaper, but then I realized that perhaps one would not want to use the same towel the baby barfed on to wipe the counter the next day.

Maybe these burp cloths are not that bad of an idea after all.

They are kind of pricey though at about $25.00 for four.

Baby Carrier


I had thought about buying one of these for some time but I did not want to spend the $100 or so on a name brand baby carrier that gets outgrown so quickly but while browsing Amazon I found this one for $20.00 so it’s hard to beat the price. Reviews on this seem to be good so I’m hoping it will do for me without having to spend a lot of money on a baby carrier.